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Quality of Life

Quality of Life and Management
of Living Resources Programme

implemented under the Fifth Framework Programme (1999-2002)

  For general information
Improving the quality of Life - Leaflet

The explosive growth in our understanding of the structure and working of life has brought about vast new developments in health care, pharmaceuticals, food and

But the challenges ahead, from the reappearance of once-conquered diseases to the unsustainable use of natural resources, leave no room for complacency.

Key Action 1 - Food, Nutrition & Health
Key Action 4 - Environment & Health
Key Action 4 - Environment & Health
Key Action 5 - Sustainable Agriculture, Fischeries & Forestry
Key Action 6 - The Ageing Population and their Disabilities
  Generic RTD Activites and Research Infrastructures

Health and electromagnetics fields (PDF: 1.2 MB)
EU funded research into the impact of electromagnetic fields and mobile telephones on health

Projects catalog available for download: 'Allergy and Asthma EU Research Projects' (PDF: 9.5 MB)

Endocrine Disrupters Research in the EU
Overview of the Endocrine Disrupters Research projects financed by the EC under the FP4 and the FP5 - (PDF: 752 kB)

On-line project catalogue for Key Action 1 "Food, Nutrition and Health"

Antimicrobial Resistance Research
in the Quality of Life programme (1999-2002) - (PDF: 5.835 MB)

Quality of Life Bulletin

European Group on Life Sciences
Wonders of Life
Stories from Life Sciences Research under the 4th & 5th Framework Programmes
European Bio entrepreneurs web site
Biotechnology & Finance Forum - Biobiz

QoL Publications

BIO-SOCIETY - Socio-economic research in the life sciences - Bioforum

QoL Conferences,

EDCTP - European-Developing Countries Clinical Trials Programme

Press releases
- PR (18.03.2002): European drive for post-genomic research

COGENE: Coordination of genome research across Europe

 Info session reported during the 2002 Research conference Results of EC-supported research into the safety of Genetically Modified Organisms
Other useful links
European Biotechnology policies Life Sciences and Biotechnology
EU-funded Transmissible spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs) research in Europe
For detailed Information of the QoL programme
Including all projects currently funded  





Information on previous Life Science Programmes (1994-1998)

Biotechnology Programme (BIOTECH)
Agriculture and Fisheries Programme (FAIR)
Biomedecine and Health Programme (BIOMED)

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