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Press releases of 1998

Released on 22-12-1998:

Released on 15-12-1998: Commission launches 13 new research projects on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE)

Released on 04-12-1998: New partners, new opportunities - A Commission conference on research partnerships with applicant countries - Brussels, 14-15 December 1998

Released on 24-11-1998: Commission appoints members of new External Advisory Groups for research

Released on 19-11-1998: Successful outcome of the conciliation on the Fifth Framework Programme for Research

Released on 27-10-1998: European Commission coordinates TSE research launched following mad cow crisis. (Symposium on transmissible spongiform encephalopathies)

Released on 26-10-1998: Standards, measurements and testing - a key to competitiveness: BCR 25th anniversary conference, Brussels, 3-4 November 1998

Released on 19-10-1998 / Comunicato il 19-10-1998 / Comunicado el 19-10-1998:

Released on 15-10-1998: Commission organises European Climate Science Conference - Vienna, 19-23 October 1998

Released on 01-10-1998: European Research in Life Sciences: Demonstrating effectiveness

Released on 29-09-1998: Commission organises conference on Renewable Energy Technologies and Strategies in Central and Eastern European Countries, Sophia Antipolis (FR), 19 to 21 October 1998

Released on 26-09-1998: 10th European Union Contest for Young Scientists - Porto, Portugal 21-27 September 1998

Released on 25-09-1998: Another first for Europe: an electric car with extended range and no pollution

Released on 23-09-1998: The Assisi Frescoes Case - A research conference on the protection of European cultural heritage - Assisi, 24-25 September 1998

Released on 09-09-1998: An overview of the research activities of the European Union in 1997-1998 - "1998 Annual report on the research and technological development activities of the European Union"

Released on 07-09-1998: 10th European Union Contest for Young Scientists, Porto 20-27 September

Released on 24-07-1998: The Commission proposes association of candidate countries with the Fifth Framework Programme

Released on 22-07-1998: European Commission to support training workshops to help scientists launch biotechnology start-ups

Released on 07-07-1998: Forests and the carbon cycle - European climate research leads the way

Released on 25-06-1998: European Plant Biotechnology Network launched to bring together almost 400 EU funded laboratories

Released on 23-06-1998: Research Ministers of the European Union take an important step towards the adoption of the new Framework Programme 1998-2002

Released on 19-06-1998: Senior industrialists meet with the upcoming Austrian Presidency on the importance of industrial innovation for competitiveness and employment - Graz, 19-20 June 1998

Released on 15-06-1998: Commission seeks nominations for new research advisory groups

Released on 10-06-1998:European Commission launches 154 research projects in biotechnology

Released on 05-06-1998: Leaders in European and American science and technology meet to promote transatlantic co-operation - 8-9 June, Washington

Released on 04-06-1998: Cooperation between European Union and South Africa to continue under Fifth Framework Programme

Released on 28-05-1998: Rapid increase of aircraft emissions could affect atmospheric ozone and climate in the future

Released on 26-05-1998:Press meeting European research: recent progress in European environmental research

Released on 25-05-1998: Joint Press Statement about the threat landmines

Released on 14-05-1998: Marine research community projects identify new objectives for Scientific Ocean Drilling

Released on 13-05-1998: The Commission presents its proposals for the specific programmes implementing the 5th Framework Programme for research

Released on 05-05-1998: The first Conference of the "Biotechnology & Finance Forum": promoting biotechnology start-ups and entrepreneurship in Europe

Released on 04-05-1998: Third European Marine Science and Technology Conference - Lisbon, May 23-27

Released on 29-04-1998:

  • European Ministers and the Commission agree on the way ahead to improve Management of the Fifth Framework Research Programme
  • Women and Science - European Commission takes concrete steps
  • Released on 11-04-1998: The first images of the VEGETATION instrument on board the Spot 4 satellite are of excellent quality

    Released on 08-04-1998:

  • European Commission publishes Second Report on Science & Technology Indicators
  • EU and Japan define areas of co-operation in the field of Earthquake Research
  • Released on 07-04-1998: East-West scientific and technological cooperation: the European Commission approves 204 new research projects

    Released on 01-04-1998 / 02-04-1998:

  • Women and Science - Brussels, 28-29 April 1998
  • [In Italian!!] Donne e scienza - Bruxelles, 28-29 aprile 1998
  • Released on 31-03-1998: Invest more - and better - in learning and knowledge/Tackling the challenges of European society

    Released on 24-03-1998: La Commission européenne participe à la mise en orbite d’un instrument d’observation de la végétation terrestre

    Released on 13-03-1998: Space: the useful frontier - European Commission approves new research projects in the field of space techniques applied to Earth observation and environmental monitoring

    Released on 10-03-1998: Biotechnology: Additional matevailable! - Notice to the press: European research - recent progress in biotechnology

    Released on 24-02-1998: European Commission approves 22 research projects on mad cow disease and transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE)

    Released on 13-02-1998: EU Research Ministers reach agreement on the Fifth Framework Programme (1998-2002)

    Released on 29-01-1998:

  • Edith Cresson inaugurates a new European centre for brain cancer therapy
  • Towards the first complete analysis of a plant genome
  • Released on 22-01-1998: Ozone layer thinning over Europe: Commission launches THESEO campaign

    Released on 14-01-1998: Commission approves new proposal for Fifth Framework Programme


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