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Press releases of 1997

Released on 23-12-1997:

Released on 18-12-1997: European Research: making an impact - European Commission publishes examples of successful projects

Released on 16-12-1997:

Released on 10-12-1997:

Released on 9-12-1997:

Released on 8-12-1997:

Released on 5-12-1997:

Released on 27-11-1997:

Released on 18-11-1997:

Released on 13-11-1997:

Released on 12-11-1997:

Released on 07-11-1997: Neurological development of seven-year-old children shows subtle delays from mercury in mothers’ diet during pregnancy

Released on 05-11-1997:

Released on 30-10-1997:

Released on 29-10-1997:

Released on 28-10-1997: New cancer radiotherapy shows promise

Released on 17-10-1997:

Released on 13-10-1997: The changing environment of the Mediterranean:
An international conference on European Union research into the oceanography of the Mediterranean Sea

Released on 10-10-1997:

Released on 03-10-1997: Edith Cresson invites a hundred young Europeans to join with her in reflecting on a "knowledge-based Europe"

Released on 26-09-1997: Commission approves second term for European Science and Technology Assembly

Released on 29-09-1997:

Released on 26-09-1997:

Released on 24-09-1997: Flood Forecasting and Warning, a international workshop, 25 September 1997, Padova, Italia

Released on 23-09-1997:

Released on 19-09-1997:

Released on 18-09-1997:

Released on 13-09-1997: 9th Eu Contest for Young Scientists, Milan 9-13 September

Released on 01-09-1997: 9th Eu Contest for Young Scientists, Milan 9-14 September

Released on 31-07-1997: The Commission proposes a budget of 16.3 billion ecus for the forthcoming Fifth Framework Programme for research and technological development
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Released on 29-07-1997: The Commission proposes an agreement for scientific and technological cooperation with Russia

Released on 25-07-1997: Commission approves 147 research training networks

Released on 18-07-1997: A European network completes genomic sequence of a major bacterium

Released on 17-07-1997: The Commission approves 311 new research projects in the area of Environment and Climate

Released on 03-07-1997: European Community - Australia Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee - Joint Communique

Released on 26-06-1997: The European Union adopts several research projects to improve the protection and management of the oceans

Released on 07-05-1997: The Commission is continuing its work on the action plan on research into transmissible spongiform encephalopathies

Released on 05-05-1997: Third successive winter with large ozone loss in the Arctic stratosphere

Released on 29-04-1997: Forensic science, genetic fingerprints, and high quality European products: the Commission launches 59 research projects in the field of standards, measurements and testing

Released on 09-04-1997:

Released on 24-3-1997: Using bacteria to repair environmental damage: one of 96 new Biotechnology research projects approved by the Commission

Released on 20-3-1997: Storm warning: the FASTEX experiment

Released on 18-3-1997: Hale-Bopp and Brown Dwarfs

Released on 17-3-1997: A new test for BSE, ‘green’ chemicals, safer food-processing and renewable industrial products from biological resources: the Commission launches 62 agro-industrial research projects

Released on 11-3-1997: Last deadline for submitting SME co-operative research proposals extended until 8 April 1998

Released on 05-3-1997: The Chairman of IRDAC supports the Commission working paper on the Fifth Framework Programme for RTD - and also pleads for a simplified decision-making process

Released on 03-3-1997: Diabetes in Europe - a major health problem, and a research opportunity (a symposium, Brussels, 6 March 1997)

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Released on 27-2-1997:

For more information on this press release, please contact:
Mr. Gilbert Fayl
Head of Unit, RESEARCH-AP03
Fax: +32.2.2962006
Mr. Stephen Gosden
Press and Information Officer, RESEARCH
Fax: +32.2.2958220

Released on 24-2-1997: Recent contributions of the Joint Research Centre (European Commission) to cancer studies shows significant and promising results in Treatment of Leukemia

Released on 18-2-1997: The RTD strategy of the top 500 companies in Europe: focus on business strategy

Released on 12-02-1997: The Commission presents its views on the content and objectives of the 5th Framework Programme for Research

Released on 15-01-1997: Investigating therapies for AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease, research into TSE, and much more: the Commission approves 125 biomedicine research projects

Released on 10-01-1997: Airborne Polar Experiment : exploration of the processes destroying stratospheric ozone - using a converted Russian spy plane

Released on 06-01-1997: Fusion evaluation report urges for a global research partnership for an energy source of the 21st century onward


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