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Press releases - Research 2001
Released on 21-12-2001:  
Descartes Prize 2002 - € 1 000 000 for outstanding scientific achievements

Released on 20-12-2001:  

Statement from the European Life Sciences Group 

Press release (additional materials) (20-12-2001): 
Science and Society - European attitudes and views - Eurobarometer Citizen

GMOS AND BSE - The Europeans’ view - Eurobarometer GMO

Why do our youth stay out of scientific careers? New EU-wide data - Eurobarometer Science & Youth

Released on 19-12-2001:  

Belgian Presidency conference discusses best practices in building bridges between science and society 

Released on 14-12-2001: Press conference 18 december 
Stem cells:  therapies for the future? 

Released on 14-12-2001: Conferenza stampa, 18 Dicembre 

Cellule Staminali: terapie per il futuro? 

Released on 14-12-2001: Rueda de prensa 18 de diciembre

Células Madre:  ¿las terapias del futuro? 
Released on 14-12-2001: Pressekonferenz op 18 December 2001
Stamcellen: therapieën voor de toekomst? 

Released on 1212-2001:
Commission establishes Group of scientific experts on the fight against biological and chemical terrorism 
Released on 10-12-2001: 
What is the EU's space policy? The answers are on the Commission's new space web site 

Released on 06-12-2001: 
Science and society in Europe - How to bridge the gaps?
Europeans, Science and technology report - EUROBAROMETER 55.2

Released on 03-12-2001: Embargo: 06.12.2001 - 12:00 (CET)
Europeans, science and technology - Presentation of a Eurobarometer survey and the action plan "Science and society" adopted by the Commission

Publicado el 03-12-2001: Embargo: 06.12.2001 - 12:00 (CET)
Los Europeos, la Cienca y la Tecnlogia - Presentación de un sondeo EUROBAROMETRO y del plan de acción "Ciencia y Sociedad" adoptado por la Comisión

Publicato il 03-12-2001: Embargo: 06.12.2001 - 12:00 (CET)
Gli europei, la scienza e la tecnologia - Presentazione di un sondaggio Eurobarometro e del piano di azioni "Scienza e società" adottato dalla Commissione europea

Released on 27-11-2001:

2001 EU Descartes Prize awards EUR 1 million for 2 projects on AIDS and chemical catalysis

Publicato il 27-11-2001:
Premio Cartesio 2001 dell'Unione europea assegna 1 milione di Euro a 2 progetti sull'AIDS e sulla catalisi chimica

Persbericht 27-11-2001:
Tweede EU Descartes Prijs ter waarde van 1 miljoen euro voor 2 onderzoeksprojecten, over AIDS en chemische katalyse

Released on 26-11-2001:
Towards a Common European Railways Research Strategy: EU Commission Launches European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC)
Released on 23-11-2001: EMBARGO - 23.11.2001 AT 12:00 (CET)
European Union and India to co-operate on science and technology
Released on 16-10-2001: Invitation to the Press
The Drive Towards Competitiveness in European SMEs: innovation and internationalisation

Persbericht 16.11.2001: Uitnodiging voor een media
Het streven naar concurrentiekracht in Europese kmo’s: innovatie en internationalisering

Released on 15-11-2001:
Calling a halt to climate change - European research centre stage in Marrakech -

Released on 14-11-2001:
European research delivers safer, cleaner, more efficient production processes in chemical industry

Released on 05-11-2001: Media Invitation - Brussels, Bibliothèque Solvay, 27 November 2001
Descartes Prize 2001 - Second EU Descartes Prize to award up to Euro 1 million for scientific and technological excellence in European collaborative research

Publicado el 05-11-2001: Invitación a los medios de comunicación - Bruselas, Biblioteca Solvay, 27 de noviembre de 2001
Premio Descartes 2001 - Segundo Premio Descartes de la UE para recompensar hasta con un millón de euros la excelencia científica y tecnológica mediante la investigación en colaboración europea

Publicato il 05-11-2001: Invito per i mass media - Bruxelles, Biblioteca Solvay, 27 novembre 2001
Premio 2001 - Secondo Premio Cartesio dell’Unione europea per l’attribuzione di 1 milione di Euro alla collaborazione nel settore della ricerca scientifica e tecnologica in Europa

Publicado em 05-11-2001: Convite à Comunicação Social - Bruxelas, Bibliothèque Solvay, 27 de Novembro de 2001
Prémio Descartes 2001 - O Segundo Prémio Descartes da UE atribuirá até 1 milhão de Euros pela excelência científica e tecnológica na investigação europeia conjunta

Released on 05-11-2001: Uitnodiging voor de media - Brussel, Solvay Bibliotheek, 27 november 2001
Descartes Prijs 2001 - Tweede EU Descartes Prijs ter waarde van 1 miljoen euro voor wetenschappelijke en technologische uitmuntendheid in Europees onderzoekswerk in samenwerkingsverband

Released on 31-10-2001:
European research: A sector dominated by men ... what place for women?
Released on 30-10-2001:
The Commission launches a plan of action for global monitoring for environment and security
Released on 29-10-2001:
European Science Week 2001: promoting awareness and dialogue
- 5th to 11th November 2001
Released on 23-10-2001:
Joining forces in environmental research
- European Commission and USA sign further agreement -
Released on 18-10-2001: EMBARGO - 22 October 2001 at 12:00 (CET)
European Union and China to co-operate on material sciences
Released on 17-10-2001:
Commission proposes Eur 880 million for forward looking, more flexible research
Released on 10-10-2001: Media announcement on the 11th October 2001 (in french)
Des recherches européennes pour améliorer la sécurité alimentaire
- Visite du Commissaire Busquin à Gembloux le 11 octobre 2001 -

Released on 10-10-2001: 
Spelt: a protein-rich cereal for animal feed and health foods

Released on 10-10-2001: 
Development and assessment of methods for the detection of adulteration of olive oil with hazelnut oil

Released on 10-10-2001: 
Strategies and methods to detect and quantify mammalian tissues in feedingstuffs

Released on 08-10-2001: Press briefing on the 9th October 2001 - EMBARGO: 9 October at 12.00 (CET)
GMOs: are there any risks ?
Launch of a European Round Table on GMO Safety

Communication de pressele 09-10-2001: Invitation à la presse le 9 octobre 2001 - EMBARGO: 9 octobre à 12.00 (CET) 
OGM: y a-t-il des risques?
Lancement d'une Table ronde européenne sur la sécurité des OGM
Released on 05-10-2001: Media announcement: Venice, Italy - Tuesday 9 October 2001
European research to protect cultural heritage
Released on 04-10-2001:
Research Policy and Regional Development
A necessary synergy mobilising European regions' potential in support of the European Research Area

Released on 02-10-2001:
Ethics and European research: a pluralistic approach with firm basic principles

Released on 25-09-2001:
European Commission sets up top level advisory body for European Research

Released on 24-09-2001: Invitation to media event: 
EU research in support of future energy markets

Released on 21-09-2001: EMBARGO: 21 September 2001 at 12:00 (CET)
32 young scientists rewarded by the EU
13th EU Contest for Young Scientists, 18-21 September 2001, Bergen, Norway

Released on 14-09-2001:
EU supports and co-ordinates stem cell research

Released on 13-09-2001:
Research to help boost EU-Russia co-operation - Commissioner Busquin to meet Russian Minister Dondukov
Brussels 14 September 2001

Released on 12-09-2001:
The new generation of Europe's Scientists in action 13th EU Contest for Young Scientists
Bergen, Norway, 18-20 September 2001

Released on 28-08-2001: INVITATION to the Press on 5 September 2001

European research reveals secrets from the depths of the Mediterranean

La Recherche européenne dévoile les secrets de la Méditerranée profonde

La Ricerca europea rivela i segreti del Mediterraneo profondo

Released on 02-08-2001: INVITATION to the Press on 6 September 2001
European science goes e-publishing
Une plate-forme de publications électroniques pour la science européenne
Released on 27-07-2001: 
A further step towards new concepts for agriculture - First sequencing of a nitrogen-fixing bacterium's genome
Une recherche européenne ouvre de nouvelles perspectives pour l'agriculture - Premier séquençage du génome d'une bactérie fixatrice d'azote
Released on 20-07-2001:
New research reveals the real costs of electricity in Europe
Une nouvelle étude révèle les coûts réels de l'électricité en Europe
Released on 03-07-2001:
Fostering space-related start-ups in Europe - the model of Wallonia
KMO's in de ruimte-industrie in Europa - Het Waalse model
Released on 29-06-2001:
Research for sustainable production - the pulp and paper industry
Onderzoek naar duurzame productie in de pulp- en papierindustrie
Released on 25-06-2001:
An Enlarged Europe for Researchers
Released on 20-06-2001:
EU signs scientific and technological association agreement with Malta
Released on 19-06-2001:
Commission launches Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe
Released on 11-06-2001 (embargo!!):
Commission supports genomics research by networking mouse model archives
A new result of Commissioner Busquin's 'Genomes for Human Health' Initiative

Released on 08-06-2001:
European Commission launches Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research
Released on 07-06-2001:
An agreement to boost European research and innovation
Released on 30-05-2001:
Commission unveils next steps towards European Research Area
Released on 29-05-2001:
An agreement to boost European research and innovation
Released on 21-05-2001:
A European contract for research and progress in medicine
Released on 17-05-2001:
Can gender equality reform science?
Released on 16-05-2001:
Improving performance of European cancer research
Released on 15-05-2001:
Genomes: knowing more, discovering faster - Boosting Europe's capability in bioinformatics -
Released on 14-05-2001:
European Commission and USA sign co-operation agreements on energy research
Released on 10-05-2001:

Released on 02-05-2001:
Commission launches on-line Research News Centre
Released on 02-05-2001:
Commission launches first virtual institute of the European Research Area
Released on 20-04-2001:
Performance of European research on BSE and related encephalopathies
Released on 10-04-2001:
TSE research in europe - a first complete inventory now finalised -
Released on 27-03-2001:
Commission commits €150 million to research on products, processes and advanced materials
Released on 22-03-2001:
World WATER DAY - EU focus on water and health -
Released on 05-03-2001:
Hydrogen powered mobility - Renewable energy in urban transport -
Released on 02-03-2001
EC - ESA Joint Task Force on European Strategy for Space
meets for the first time in Brussels

Released on 02-03-2001
Responsible use of biological resources
- The Global Biodiversity Information Facility -

Released on 21-02-2001
Commission proposes a new framework programme for research and innovation in Europe
Released on 20-02-2001
Global Biodiversity - A challenge for Europe
Creation of a Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Released on 13-02-2001
L'industrie automobile européenne dévoile le moteur de demain
Paris, 12-13 février 2001

Released on 29-01-2001
Commissioner Busquin and European aeronautics sector present their '2020 Vision'
Released on 15-01-2001
Aeronautics Days to reveal 2020 vision
29-31 January 2001, Hamburg

Released on 10-01-2001
New malaria vaccines - made in Europe




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