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€ 28.3 million for new research into avian and pandemic influenza

Brussels, 17 October 2006

The European Commission is today announcing €28.3 million of new projects into avian and pandemic influenza. 17 projects were selected after a special call for proposals under the EU’s Sixth Research Framework Programme. The new projects cover human and animal health, and address research needs identified by organisations such as the World Health Organisation, the World Organisation for Animal Health and the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the UN. The €28.3 million allocated to these projects comes in addition to the €21 million already made available under the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes.

“It is important that the EU is able to target its research programme to meet new needs that arise,” said European Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik. “We have shown that we are able to do this. The involvement of so many international partners shows that Europe is leading the global fight against avian and pandemic flu.”

The €28.3 million is evenly divided between human and animal health projects. On the human health side the projects will cover research on better understanding of how the flu virus works as well as clinical research on vaccine development. The projects addressing animal health will cover vaccines, better diagnosis and early warning systems, increased knowledge of the avian influenza virus itself, technology transfer to third countries and a network for monitoring migratory birds.

Nine of the selected projects include partners from outside the Framework Programme, such as Russia, China, Vietnam, Australia, US, Canada and Croatia, several of which have been directly affected by recent outbreaks of avian influenza There are also several small and medium-sized companies involved in the projects.

For a list of projects see the annex; details of all the projects can be found in MEMO/06/381.

For more information about other ongoing EU-funded research projects in the field of avian and pandemic influenza please see (which also contains links to two short video documentaries on EU-funded research).


Project officers

Animal Health: Isabel Minguez, Agriculture Unit, Research DG
Tel: +32.2.299 21 09, E-mail:

Human health: Cornelius Schmaltz, Infectious Diseases Unit, Research DG
Tel: +32.2.295 89 84, E-mail:


Media contact
Michael H. Wappelhorst, Press officer, Research DG, European Commission
Tel: +32.2.298 75 75, Fax: +32.2.295 82 20, E-Mail: Michael.Wappelhorst

Spokesperson for Science and Research
Antonia Mochan, Press and Communication DG, European Commission
Tel.: +32.2.2996 9921, E-mail


The press release announces €28.3 million of new funding for research projects in the field of avian and pandemic influenza. This outline lists the 17 projects selected for funding. Final budget figures (EU contribution) and project details are subject to the final signature of contracts, and so may change. Details of all the projects can be found in MEMO/06/381.


Animal health research projects (€14 million)

AIV VACC DIAGNOSIS - Vaccine, diagnostic test development and immunology aspects of avian influenza (€1.37 million)

ConFluTech - EU INCO collaboration network against animal derived pandemics (€0.55 million)

FLU-LAB-NET - Development and enhancement of laboratory networks for avian influenza (€0.93 million)

FLUPATH - Avian influenza: impact of virus-host interactions on pathogenesis and ecology (€1.9 million)

FLURESIST - Avian influenza virus survival in poultry commodities, poultry manure and the environment (€0.87 million)

FLUTEST - Improved diagnosis and early warning systems for avian influenza outbreak management (€1.5 million)

FLUTRAIN - Training and technology transfer of Avian Influenza diagnostics and disease management skills (€1.8 million)

INN-Flu - Influence of viral proteins of avian influenza virus on the innate immune response of birds (€1.8 million)

NEW-FLUBIRD - Network For Early Warning of Influenza Viruses in Migratory Birds in Europe (€1.85 million)

NOVADUCK - Novel AI DIVA recombinant vaccines for ducks (€1.4 million)

RIVERS - Resistance of influenza viruses in environmental reservoirs and systems (€1.4 million)

Human health research projects (€14.3 million)

EUROFLU - Molecular Factors and Mechanisms of Transmission and Pathogenicity of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (€1.4 million)

FLUINNATE - Innate immunity in influenza virus infection of mammalian airways (€1.4 million)

FLUPOL - Host-specific Variants of the Influenza Virus Replication Machinery (€2 million)

FluVac - Dose sparing and increased immunogenicity for vaccination against pandemic influenza with a two-component adjuvant, IC31TM (€3.5 million)

Intranasal H5 vaccine - Immunogenicity and protective efficacy of intranasal delNS1 (H5N1) influenza vaccine (€2.7 million)

PANFLUVAC - Efficacious vaccine formulation system for prophylactic control of influenza pandemics (€3.3 million)


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