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Commission releases new funds for avian flu research

17 January 2006

The European Commission announced today that it would be making a further €20 million available for research into avian and pandemic influenza. A call for proposals under the Sixth Framework Programme for Research has been launched with a closing date of 22 March 2006, that looks to fill existing gaps in research in a relatively short time perspective to serve as a foundation for new and longer term research investments in the years to come. The task descriptions outlined in the call for proposals are on the basis of recommendations by international organisations such as the FAO and WHO. Relating to animal health, the call covers issues such as developing vaccines for avian species, improved diagnosis and early warning systems, the ecology and pathogenesis of avian influenza infections, migratory birds, avian influenza virus survival, reinforcement of Community and national reference laboratories, technology transfer to third countries. Relating to human health, the call covers issues such as clinical research on pandemic influenza vaccines, better understanding of the influenza virus and strengthening support to surveillance. This research money is release in order to address a pressing public health need. It is in addition to the €21 million already made available under the Fifth and Sixth Framework Programmes. Further information is available from the CORDIS websites and in the workprogramme document (PDF 1.7 MB).

For the the thematic priority on “food quality and safety” in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) see also:

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