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Media Fact Sheet


World Aids Day

1 December 2005

The European Union at the forefront of the Fight Against HIV/AIDS

The European Union is funding under the 5th and the present 6th Framework Programmes new preventive joint research projects, involving more than 400 European and International research groups.

Research into new drugs, microbicides and vaccines is vital in stopping the HIV virus and is central to the European Commission research programme.


The 4 EU-Funded research projects included in this document provide an indication of the span of research in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Two EU-funded projects that are about to end with two international clinical trials.

Two examples of industry-led projects which are using innovative approaches to find potential HIV-1 preventive strategies.


Further information available:

EU-funded research in the fight against HIV/AIDS - document highlighting HIV research under both the Fifth and the current Sixth Framework programmes (2002-2006) can be found:

In advance of World Aids Day on December 1, you might be interested in covering one of these topics in your publication in order to raise the awareness of the current HIV/AIDS situation and the initiatives taken at the EU level. Should you wish to receive further information, please do not hesitate to contact Ana Aguilar at +32 2 737 95 00; Mobile: +32 476 219 344; E-mail:

We will facilitate contact with the EU officials and leading experts in the field of AIDS research as well as supplying any further material which you might find useful.

For additional information on AIDS related topics, please contact:

Confronting the major communicable diseases linked to poverty
Directorate-General for Research, European Commission
Fax: +32 2 299 4561


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