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Animal Welfare Quality
Science and society improving animal welfare
1st Stakeholder conference

Brussels, 17 November 2005


Ms. Jaana Husu Kallio, Deputy Director General, DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission
Staffan Nilson, President of “Group III” of the European Economic and Social Committee
The Welfare Quality research project in collaboration with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

First European stakeholder conference of the research project Welfare Quality, on animal welfare in the food quality chain

17 November 2005 (conference starts at 9:45 sharp)

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), (conference room CIVITAS-BEL62), Rue Belliard 99 , B-1040 Brussels

On 17 November in Brussels, a conference “Science and society improving Animal Welfare”, reflecting the social and economic importance of animal welfare in the food quality chain in Europe, is organised in collaboration with the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), an institution of the European Union. The research project “Integration of Animal Welfare in the Food Quality Chain (WELFARE QUALITY)” which is funded by the EU’s Sixth Research Framework Programme (FP6), will discuss first year results. The thematic priority “Food quality and safety” of FP6 particular recognises the growing concerns of Europe’s citizens about the impact of animal welfare on the farm on the quality of food. Welfare Quality is a consortium of 39 leading European research teams, committed to work with each other and to establish an European Research Area in the field of animal welfare in the food quality chain. Integration is the key word of its activities. The project aims to accommodate societal concerns and market demands, to develop reliable on-farm monitoring systems, product information systems for consumers, and practical species-specific strategies to improve animal welfare.

The conference is especially relevant for European and national politicians, retailer, producer and consumer organisations, NGOs and policymakers. It will provide an excellent opportunity for stakeholders to meet project members and to gain insights into cutting edge animal welfare research.

The primary goals of the conference are:

  • to explain the background and rationale for the project
  • to present and disseminate the initial results from the project
  • to facilitate a dialogue with key stakeholders outside of the project, and to ensure that the systems and recommendations being developed suit their expectations.

Topics to be covered

  • Background of the integrated research project “Welfare Quality”
  • Animal welfare in the EU – the next steps
  • European consumers' perception of animal welfare on the farm
  • The nature of the market for welfare-friendly products in six European countries
  • Barriers faced by pig producers in six European countries
  • Farmers (pig producers) engagement in animal welfare on the farm
  • Developing animal based measures to assess animal welfare in cattle, pigs and poultry
  • Improving animal welfare by practical, species specific measures on the farm
  • Tools for implementing the results from the research
  • The 18th is not open to journalists.

For a full Conference programme see next page or the following web site:
More information on the EU-funded research project “Welfare Quality” and its partners can be found at

Media Contacts :

Jacqueline Vredenbregt, Communication officer Welfare Quality research project
Tel : + 31.6.512 912 96, Fax: +31.318 42 00 84

John Claxton
Safety of Food Production systems, Research DG, European Commission
Tel: +32.2.298 43 78, Fax: +32.2.296 30 29

Michael H. Wappelhorst, Press and information officer
Information and communication Unit, Research DG, European Commission
Tel: +32.2.298 75 75, Fax: +32.2.295 82 20

Conference programme
"Science and society improving animal welfare"

Thursday, 17 Nov. 2005: Integrating insights from science and society

8:30 Registration and coffee

9:45 Welcome and Introduction, Mr Staffan Nilson, President of EESC Group III

10.00 Introducing the Welfare Quality Project, Dr. Ir. Harry Blokhuis, project co-ordinator, Wageningen University and research Centre

10:30 Animal welfare in the EU – next steps, Ms Jaana Husu Kallio, Deputy Director General, Directorate-General Health and Consumer Protection.

11:45 Welfare quality in society: Consumers
Chair: Professor Peter Sandoe, European Society for Agricultural Ethics
- European consumers' views about farm animal welfare: results from consumer focus groups carried out across 7 European countries, Dr. Mara Miele, Dr. Adrian Evans, Cardiff University
- Animal friendliness and food consumption practices. Preliminary results from population surveys in 7 countries.” Unni Kjaernes, National Institute for consumer Research Norway

13:00 Lunch (Occasion for the media to meet speakers over lunch, including EU Research DG director Christian Patermann)

14:00 Welfare quality in society: Retailers and Producers
Chair: Professor Lawrence Busch, Michigan State University, USA
- The retail of welfare-friendly products: A comparative assessment of the nature of the market for welfare friendly products in six European countries. Dr. Emma Roe,
Professor Terry Marsden, Cardiff University
- Farmers' engagement in animal welfare, the case of pig producers. Dr. Bettina Bock, Wageningen University and Research Centre

15:45 Welfare quality science: Assessing and implementing animal welfare
Chair: Professor Joy Mench, University of California at Davis, USA.
- Developing a monitoring system to assess welfare quality in cattle, pigs and chickens.
Dr. Linda Keeling, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, and Dr. Isabelle Veissier, Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
- Developing practical species-specific measures to improve farm animal welfare.
Dr. Xavier Manteca, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona .

17:00 Tools for implementing animal welfare
- A review of the tools that are being developed to facilitate the implementation of improved animal welfare standards, Dr. Andy Butterworth, University of Bristol.


PLEASE FAX TO +31.318 42 00 84

To apply for your attendance, please send e-mail or fax enclosed form to:

Fax: +31.318 42 00 84, E-Mail:


Science and society improving animal welfare
1st Stakeholder conference

The European Economic and Social Committee
CIVITAS-BEL 62, 6th Floor
Brussels (Belgium), 17 November 2005

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