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Promoting European Research into Structural Genomics

International Conference & Media programme

Barcelona (Spain), 1-4 December 2004

The European Commission’s Directorate General for Research will be organising a major conference on Structural Genomics and Proteomics in Barcelona, Spain from 1-4 December, 2004. The conference will, for the first time, bring together 10 research projects in this area that are being funded by the EU’s Sixth Research Framework Programme (2002-2006) and it is expected to attract several hundred researchers, experts and policy-makers from the EU member states and beyond to discuss the achievements and to highlight best practices. It will also debate and elaborate current and future policy needs in this cutting-edge field of biotechnology/Life Sciences and ensure that European research is competitive with that being undertaken in the US and Japan.

Structural Genomics involves determining the three dimensional structures of all protein and RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecules encoded in the genomic sequences of living organisms. Understanding the structures of these macro-molecules is crucial to comprehending their role in complex biological processes and is essential for designing new drugs. Research in Structural Genomics could greatly enhance our knowledge of diseases like Alzheimer’s, and be key to the development of anti-viral drugs to combat HIV and SARS.

Under the Sixth Research Framework Programme, a total of €2,255 million has been earmarked for research on genomics, with a strategic objective to foster basic understanding of genomic information by developing the knowledge base, tools and research needed to decipher the function of genes and gene products relevant to human health. At the same time, by focussing on funding collaborative research projects which foster cross-border co-operation, the European Union is continuing to address the fragmentation of the genome research community in Europe. With improved structuring of the research and growing critical mass in this field, it is now starting to become competitive with the US and Japan, who have long been the leaders in genomics research.


  • Researchers from EU and FP6 associated countries
  • Members of the Scientific Advisory Boards from Europe, US, Japan, New Zealand

Media programme

The media are invited to take part in the meeting of researchers from the ten projects which have a combined budget of about €300 million.The European Union is supporting them with about €108 million.

Media Highlights include

Thursday, 2 December
Round table discussion: Structural genomics for health (virus, target discovery, membrane proteins, drug design). With the participation of Nobel Prize Prof. Hartmut Michel
Round table discussion: Structural Genomics in the world with speakers from Asia, the Americas and Oceania
Dinner at restaurant Torre de Alta Mar (8 pm): an informal occasion to chat with the project leaders and scientific policy makers from the European Commission.

Friday, 3 December
Project presentations
Sessions on Intellectual Property Rights

Interested media will also be able to participate in two visits (upon request): to the recently renovated Science Museum of Barcelona CosmoCaixa and to the Barcelona Science Park Parc Científic de Barcelona, a cornerstone of the innovation system developed by the Universitat de Barcelona.


Additional information on this press event:


Josefina Enfedaque
Scientific Officer - Structural Genomics
European Commission, Directorate General for Research
Tel: +32.2.295 8605, Fax: +32.2.296 0588

Michael H. Wappelhorst, Press and information officer
Information and communication Unit, Research DG, European Commission
Tel: +32.2.298 7575, Fax: +32.2.295 8220

For this event, the European Commission is assisted by external contractors. To register to this event, please contact:
Ana Aguilar, Hill & Knowlton
Tel: +32.2.737 95 14; Fax: +32.2.737 95 01; Mobile: +32.476. 219 344


For details including the full meeting programme:


The conference will take place at the World Trade Center
Moll de Barcelona, s/n 08039 Barcelona (at the sea end of The Ramblas).

1) Torre de Alta mar:
Transportation from the conference site to the restaurant will be provided.


To register your participation, please send e-mail or fax enclosed form to:

Fax: +32.2.737 9501, E-Mail:

Structural genomics and proteomics research:
first joint meeting of European projects

Barcelona (Spain), 2-3 December 2004

[ ] Yes, I would like to attend the Structural Genomics and proteomics meeting and participate in its media programme.

[ ] Round table: Structural genomics for health (virus, target discovery, membrane proteins, drug design) – Thursday 2 December

[ ] Round table: Structural Genomics in the world – Thursday 2 December

[ ] Dinner: Torre de Alta Mar – Thursday 2 December

[ ] Project presentations – Friday 3 December

[ ] Sessions on Intellectual Property Rights – Friday 3 December

[ ] Visits: >


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Press Card No. >

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[ ] No, I am unable to attend, but would like to receive further information

[ ] No, I am unable to attend, but would like to receive further information (press kit)


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