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EU Action Plan to boost research efforts in Europe

Press Conference

Press Room, Breydel Building, 11.00 – 12.00, 29 April 2003

Brussels, 25 April 2003

The European Commission will present on Tuesday 29 April a roadmap with detailed measures to encourage public and private players across Europe to upgrade their research effort. "Investing in research: an action plan for Europe" sets out initiatives required to increase the level of investment in research in the EU from 1.9% to 3% of EU GDP.

The action plan follows up the decision taken at the March 2002 Barcelona European Council to increase the level of investment in research in the EU from 1.9% to 3% of EU GDP, with two-thirds financed by the private sector.

Meeting the 3% objective is expected to create 0.5% additional growth of GDP and 400,000 additional jobs every year after 2010. Key actions include setting up European technology platforms, strengthening links between industry and public research, redirecting public spending towards research and innovation, making research careers more attractive and developing better fiscal incentives for research.

During a press conference at the Breydel building from 11.00 on Tuesday 29 April, Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin will give journalists a first insight into the action plan - to be officially adopted on 30 April – which aims to put the Union on track to meet its 3% of GDP objective by 2010.

During the press conference Errki Ormala, Director of technology policy in a large European multinational, will provide a viewpoint from the industry.

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Detailed fact sheets, FAQ, a more extensive press release and other information are available on the web site presenting the 3% communication:


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