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RTD info travels the road to safety

Brussels, 11 June 2003

The new issue of RTD info brings you news and views from the latest avenues of European research as Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin charts progress down the path to an integrated European Research Area. Putting safety first, a special dossier highlights how cutting-edge technologies are helping to make Europe’s roads safer. And there’s plenty more to discover...

Europe’s roads kill some 40 000 people each year and leave thousands more injured. The European Union is committed to the ambitious goal of halving this worrying death toll by 2010. In a special 11-page dossier, RTD info examines how state-of-the-art research promises to save lives.

We explore how scientists are vigorously pushing the boundaries of ‘active’ and ‘passive’ vehicle safety and why a new generation of test crash dummies (and computer models) are no dunces when it comes to designing safer cars. Our special reportage also examines efforts to build ‘intelligent’ driving systems that help motorists interact more closely with their vehicles and the road environment.

The Sixth Framework Programme is helping mould an integrated European Research Area. Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin, who initiated this crucial project, gives his assessment of the current state of play in an exclusive interview with RTD info.

We follow Eurobarometer to the candidate countries and see how perceptions of science and technology in the future Member States measure up to those in current EU countries.

Also on the menu, GMOs provide developing countries with the prospect of better meeting their burgeoning food demand, despite the controversy surrounding them. We look at efforts to develop drought-resistant plants and improve stock-rearing breeds.

RTD Info takes you on a voyage of discovery through the digital cosmos, explores efforts to get Europe to kick its antibiotics habit, and finds out how EU research policy has developed a soft spot for the ‘soft’ sciences.

Interviews with key players in research and the views of opinion-setters make RTD info a must for anyone interested in science and research. The newly revamped on-line version’s attractive, user-friendly interface makes navigating the issue easier and more enjoyable.

You can obtain a free copy by e-mailing Research DG contacts, or read it on-line at:

Note for Editors

For detailed information on RTD info, please contact:

Michel Claessens
Press and information officer
Research DG
European Commission

Tel: +32.2.295 99 71


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