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Brussels, 28 August 2000

Press release

EurOcean 2000
European Conference on Marine Science and Technology
Hamburg, Germany, 29 August - 2 September 2000

Keywords: marine research, technology, climate change

The European Union's contribution to EXPO 2000 on the marine front is a five-day conference on European research in marine science and technology, taking place in Hamburg. Opening addresses at the plenary session on 29 August will be given by Mr Tent, Deputy Director-General of the Commission's Research Directorate-General and Mr Runde, Lord Mayor of the free and Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Representatives of the German and the French Research Ministries will also take the floor at the opening session. France currently holds the Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers. A press conference will follow the plenary.

EurOCEAN 2000 will be a forum to advance the key issues in European marine research and intends in particular to foster the exchange of ideas across the boundaries of science and policy. Therefore, administrators and politicians, as well as scientists and engineers from the private and public sectors in marine science and ocean technology, are among the registered participants.

The conference will focus on bringing research actors together with intermediate and end users in order to improve the mechanisms of research and technology transfer into the applied domain. In a series of parallel and plenary sessions, topics covering the priority fields in European marine science and policy will be discussed. This will allow engineers, scientists, industrialists, administrators and politicians from this field to discuss the relevant issues of research implementation, to improve the interfacing of natural science, socio-economics and policy, and to develop the key science areas where Europe can play a significant role in the next decade.

In order to better identify what the user community needs with respect to research products, EurOCEAN 2000 will include one day during which participants will have the opportunity to visit industrial companies and research institutes in the Hamburg region that are active in the maritime sector. An SME brokerage event to foster contacts between industry (particularly small and medium enterprises) and academia, with a view to fostering joint ventures, will be organised on Wednesday, 30 August. A special web site has been set up for the organisation of this SME Brokerage event:

More information on the conference can be found at: where also, during the conference, daily reports on the key issues discussed on the previous day will be published.

For further information, please contact:

Klaus-GŁnther Barthel, Scientific officer, Research DG
fax: +32-2-296.30.24,

Piia Huusela, Press Officer, Research DG
fax: +32-2-295.82.20,

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