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Brussels, October 16, 2000

Food safety in Europe:
Bringing the actors together

19th and 20th October, Central London

Keywords: Food Safety, policy, microbiology, toxicology

Food Safety is a subject of increasing concern for European citizens. All the relevant actors (i.e. regulators, food producers, food processors, distributors, consumer organisations and researchers) are busy in defining their positions and views with regard to this vital challenge concerning the well-being of people in Europe. Rarely, though, all these actors are involved in comprehensive discussions or serious exchange amongst themselves. A forthcoming conference (19-20 October 2000 in London), “Food safety in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities” will be a first major forum for all parties concerned to assess food safety issues in Europe, to take stock of the state of the art in research and to identify future research needs. The event is co-financed and co-organised by the European Commission, the UK Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food and Beta Technology Ltd.

Recent crises in food supply (BSE, PCBs, dioxin, etc) affecting health and the economy, have highlighted the important contribution of science and technology to detect and avoid such problems, as well as the need to support further research.

Research is in fact expected to create significant opportunities at European level for the food industry, SMEs, research organisations, retailers, consumer organisations, and universities. The London conference will be a forum for all of them to network and discuss their ideas and experiences.

The main themes of the conference are:

(see programme for details or visit

In addition to presentations by researchers, keynote contributions will be made by speakers from food safety authorities in the UK, Ireland, France and the US, consumer associations, industry, the World Health Organisation, the European Parliament and the European Commission.

This event allows to show at an international level that the European research contribution and in particular actions carried out under the programme “Quality of life and management of living resources” are very important to ensure the generation of scientific and technological know-how including transfer to other interested parties and to guarantee as well as improve consumer's confidence in food. This event also forms a milestone towards future networking and co-ordinating activities of the European Research Area.


If you wish to attend the meeting please contact the organisers via the Web site or the European Commission:

Stéphane Hogan, Quality of Life, Research DG,
Tel: +, E-mail: Research Contact

Michel Claessens, Communication Unit, Research DG,
Tel: +, E-mail:

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