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Brussels, December 08, 1999

Press briefing on the final results of the Mediterranean Targeted Project

Keywords: Marine ecosystems, climate change, environment

Following the end of the highly successful Mediterranean Targeted Project the European Commission is organising a technical briefing for journalists. This will take place in Brussels (Borschette Conference Centre, Rue Froissart 36, Brussels) on 17 December 1999 starting at 1pm. The briefing will be introduced by the research Commissioner, Philippe Busquin. Leading scientists from the project will present its most interesting aspects and answer questions from the media. The briefing will be in English and French with interpretation. If you would like to attend, or have any questions, please contact either of the people named below.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Elisabeth Lipiatou
Scientific Officer, Research DG
Fax: +

Mr Stephen Gosden
Press and Information Officer, Research DG
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For further reading, see also: Mediterranean Targeted Project (1993-1999)

The Mediterranean Targeted Project - press briefing
17 December 1999 at 13.00 - Borschette Conference Centre
Rue Froissart 36, Brussels

Provisional Scientific Agenda


Pilot phase (1993-1996)

The Mediterranean Targeted Project (MTP) was established in 1993 by the European Commission under the MAST Programme and had an overall budget of ECU 11 million. The Commission proposed combining 10 different projects involving 70 institutions from 14 countries, into one overall project (MTP-I) so that research efforts in the Mediterranean Sea could be better coordinated, leading to the creation of a European community of scientists involved in Mediterranean research. The project was coordinated by a Steering Committee led by the MAST programme scientific officer. Prior to their involvement in the project, most of the scientists did not know each other well and normally performed research in small groups and in specific disciplines focused on the marine regions close to their home country. The project was thus a catalyst for large-scale cooperation.

Second phase (1996-1999)

The second phase of the project (1996-1999) was MTP II-MATER, a large-scale integrated project involving 53 partners from 13 countries in Europe as well as Morocco and Tunisia. Its budget amounted to ECU 10.8 million. The project was coordinated by A. Monaco (University of Perpignan). The operational structure of the project comprised a steering committee and a matrix organisation (research themes vs. geographic regions).

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