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Press Release

Brussels, March 10, 1998

Notice to the press

European research: recent progress in biotechnology

Europäische Forschung: Fortschritte in der Biotechnologie
Recherche européenne: progrès récents en biotechnologie
Overview of presented projects (PDF; 181 Kb)

On 30 March, six European research projects that have made recent advances in the field of biotechnology will be presented directly by the researchers and industrialists involved to the scientific press.

This initiative of Directorate-General XII of the European Commission, which is responsible for the European Union’s R&D programmes, is a first of its kind and is designed to reflect the numerous, and generally world-level breakthroughs achieved during recent years under the EU’s Biotechnology programme (sequencing of the yeast genome, etc.).

The meeting will take place in Paris, from 9.30 to 16.30, at "Sources d’Europe", the European information centre located on the ground floor of the “Grande Arche” in Paris-La Défense (accommodation is possible for the night before). Other subjects which could be addressed during this meeting include European cooperation and regulation, the EU’s future research priorities - the Fifth Framework Programme - and the attitudes of the public to biotechnology.

The speakers will include Mr B. Hansen, Director, Life sciences and technologies programmes, and Mr E. Magnien, Head of Unit, Biotechnology. Simultaneous interpretation between English and French will be provided.

Interested journalists are invited to contact quickly one of two persons below (seating capacity is limited), in particular concerning the practical arrangements (transport, accommodation, etc.).

A detailed programme will be sent to the journalists having expressed an interest in this meeting.

===>List of selected projects

===> For further information, please contact:

Stéphane Hogan
Scientific Officer, XII-E
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E-mail: Research Contact

Michel Claessens
Communication Unit, DG XII
Fax: +32 2 295.82.20
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