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Beneficiary RegisterH2020 online manual

If you want to participate in a project proposal, your organisation needs to be registered and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). Please quote your PIC in all correspondence with the Commission

The register contains all beneficiaries participating in the EU research and innovation or education, audiovisual and cultural programmes.

Is your organisation already registered? PIC search

Please check whether your organisation has already been registered. If so, no need to register it again.


Register your organisation

To register, you need to login in the Portal or, if you are a new user, create your account.

Check what information you need to register in the H2020 Online Manual - and keep it to hand during the registration procedure. To start registration, click on the button below.

If your organisation is a Small or Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) you must enter a few key data on your organisation in a questionnaire that will become accessible during your registration when you selected "Research and Innovation Programme" from the drop down list.

Register Organisation

You can quit the registration process at any time; the data entered can be saved as a draft and you may continue your registration later. To do that, go to My Organisations of the My Area section. Incomplete, draft registrations are automatically deleted after one year.

After registration, your data has to be validated by the Validation Service team. Later only the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) (or the persons with an "Account Administrator" role for this organisation) will be able to request the modification of the data and provide supporting documents on the My Organisations page.