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I have an EU Login account for accessing the Participant Portal but how can I acquire roles and access rights for proposals, projects or organisations?

Published on: 21-03-2018 1:52 PM

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The majority of the Participant Portal roles and access rights are managed by the applicants and beneficiaries themselves. The Commission intervenes only for a few roles (Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) and Primary Coordinator Contact).

In general to have an access to a project, you need to ask the main contact of your organisation in this project or the coordinator of the project to give you the role/access. Organisation data is only edited by LEARs (and Account Administrators). So you need to ask your organisation LEAR to make any necessary changes.

  • Access to proposals: The user who created the proposal becomes either the Coordinator Contact or the Primary Coordinator Contact and can assign (and revoke) access rights for other contact persons in the same organisation and can assign Participant Contacts to other organisations. Once Participant Contacts have been appointed, they can give access to additional people in their organisation. Coordinator Contact can give access to people in any organisation of the consortium.
  • Once the call is closed new roles can still be added via the Participant Portal (My Proposals, use the yellow button PC), but previous roles cannot be revoked online. 
  • Access to projects: When a successful proposal becomes a project, users maintain their existing access rights to the proposal. The Coordinator Contacts and Participant Contacts can assign (and revoke) roles and access to other users. Only for assigning and revoking the Primary Coordinator Contact (PCoCo) the Commission will intervene. If you need to change the PCoCo, contact your Project Officer via the Participant Portal messaging function (select My projects, click the button MP).
  • Access to organisation data in the Participant Register: Validated organisations have a Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) nominated by the legal representative of the organisation and validated by the Commission. The LEAR can assign and revoke Account Administrators (AAs), Legal Signatories and Financial Signatories. Only LEAR and AAs can edit organisation data. For organisations that are not yet validated by the Commission, only the person who registered the organisation (the Self-registrant) has access and at this stage no other access can be granted.

For more details, see the roles and access rights section of the H2020 Online Manual.


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