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TOPIC : Action grants to support transnational projects to enhance the rights of persons suspected or accused of crime

Topic identifier: JUST-JACC-PROC-AG-2016
Publication date: 22 June 2016

Types of action: JUST-AG Justice Action Grant
Opening date:
14 September 2016
Deadline: 25 October 2016 17:00:00

Time Zone : (Brussels time)
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Pillar: Justice programme 2014-2020
Work Programme Year: JUST-2016
Work Programme Part: JUST-2016
Topic Updates
  • 12 September 2016 08:14

    A new version of the Guide for Applicants is available under the Topic conditions and documents.

  • 09 September 2016 17:09

    A new version of the Guide for Applicants is available under the Topic Conditions and Documents.

Topic Description

Priorities and activities to be funded

1. Priorities

The aim of this call is to contribute to the effective and coherent application of EU criminal law in the area of the rights of persons suspected or accused of crime[1] and to the preparation of new EU action.

The main priority is the implementation and practical application of the following instruments:

- Directive 2013/48 on the right of access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings[2];

- Directive (EU) 2016/343 on the strengthening of certain aspects of the presumption of innocence and of the right to be present at the trial in criminal proceedings[3].

Proposals for projects may also contribute to the preparation of EU action to further improve procedural rights of defendants (other than existing EU instruments), including through judicial remedies.

The Commission will also consider projects dealing with the implementation of the following instruments:

- Directive 2010/64 on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings[4];

- Directive 2012/13 on the right to information in criminal proceedings[5];

- Commission Recommendation C(2013) 8178/2 on safeguards for vulnerable persons suspected or accused in criminal proceedings[6];

- Commission Recommendation C(2013) 8179/2 on the right to legal aid in criminal proceedings[7].

Proposals whose main purpose is to assess the transposition of the above-listed legal instruments into national law are not a priority of this call.

2. Description of the activities to be funded under this topic

This call will cover the following activities:

  • analytical activities, such as data collection and creation of data bases, surveys, research etc;
  • mutual learning, exchange of good practices, development of working methods which may be transferable to other participating countries;
  • exchange and provision of information and development of information tools;
  • capacity building for professionals;
  • facilitating cooperation between competent authorities and agencies, legal practitioners and/or service providers (including multi-disciplinary networks at international, national, regional or local levels);
  • Dissemination and awareness raising activities.

Training activities can also be funded under this call, as long as they are of ancillary nature and not the main purpose of the project.

Projects ensuring maximum practical benefits and impact for the target groups will be more favourably assessed than theoretical projects consisting mainly of research and other analytical activities.


[2]OJ L 294/1 of 6.11.2013

[3]OJ L 65/1 of 11.3.2016

[4]OJ L 280/1 of 26.10.2010

[5]OJ L 142/1 of 1.6.2012

[6]OJ C 378/8 of 24.12.2013

[7]OJ C 378/11 of 24.12.2013

Topic conditions and documents

Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application.

  1. List of eligible countries
  2. Eligibility and admissibility conditions

    2.1 Admissibility requirements are described under point 1 of part C of the Guide for applicants.

    2.2 Eligibility of the applicant and of the partners

    The applicants and partners must be public entities or private organisations or international organisations. Organisations which are profit-oriented must submit applications in partnership with public entities or private non-profit-oriented organisations.

    2.2 Eligibility of the application

    (a) The application must be transnational and involve organizations from at least two participating countries;
    (b) The EU grant applied for cannot be lower than EUR 75 000;
    (c) The project must not have started prior to the date of submission of the grant application;
    (d) The duration of the projects should not exceed 24 months.

  3. Provisions, proposal templates and evaluation forms for the type(s) of action(s) under this topic:

    Guide for applicants
    Detailed budget template to facilitate the planning of your project
    Standard proposal template
    Model grant agreement for mono-beneficiary grants
    Model grant agreement for multi-beneficiary grants
    Legal basis indicators
  4. Additional documents:

    Justice Programme – Annual work plan 2016

    Justice Programme legal basis
    EU Financial regulation


Additional documents

  • Questions and Answers en
  • Summaries of selected projects en

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