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TOPIC : Trafficking

Topic identifier: ISFP-2017-AG-THBX
Publication date: 25 October 2017

Types of action: ISFP-AG ISF-Police Action Grant
Opening date:
25 October 2017
Deadline: 31 January 2018 17:00:00

Time Zone : (Brussels time)
  Internal Security Fund Police
Topic Description

The main objective of this topic is to contribute to the priorities identified in the relevant EU legal and policy instruments including: the findings of the first European Commission Report on progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings (May 2016); the Report on transposition of Directive 2011/36/EU; the Report on assessing the impact of existing national law, establishing as a criminal offence the use of services which are the objects of exploitation of trafficking in human beings; and, the findings of the Commission’s Study on Comprehensive Policy Review.

Project applications submitted under the Call for proposals must address at least one of the following priorities:

Priority 1 -Profile/modus operandi of traffickers/criminal organized groups/links with other forms of serious and organized crimes, prosecutions and convictions;

Priority 2 -Actions focusing on the wider trafficking chain, including the profits involved in trafficking in human beings.

Topic conditions and documents

1. List of eligible countries:
All EU Member States, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Denmark.

2. Admissibility requirements and eligibility criteria: See sections 5 and 6 of the Call document.

3. Indicative timetable for evaluation and contract signature: See section 3 of the Call document.

4. Provisions, proposal templates and evaluation forms for the type(s) of action(s) under this topic:

5. Additional documents:

Members of consortium are required to conclude a consortium agreement prior to the signature of the grant agreement.

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