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Topic identifier: ISFP-2017-AG-CSEP
Publication date: 05 October 2017

Types of action: ISFP-AG ISF-Police Action Grant
Opening date:
05 October 2017
Deadline: 11 January 2018 17:00:00

Time Zone : (Brussels time)
  Internal Security Fund Police
Topic Description

The goal of this Call for Proposals is to support projects of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that pursue all of the objectives below:

  • address target audiences in the EU susceptible and vulnerable to radicalising and terrorist content online, those on the brink of radicalisation as well as those who have already been radicalised (target audiences' perceived or real grievances should be addressed);

  • provide the target audience with credible alternatives and positive narratives or expose and challenge terrorist and extremist online propaganda;

  • address push and pull factors of terrorist and extremist content online;

  • actively contribute to promoting tolerance and EU/democratic fundamental rightsand values.

The projects, implementing effective alternative and counter-narrative campaigns online, should contribute to:

  • bringing about behaviour change dissuading target audience from promoting terrorism and violent extremism and/or using violence;

  • growing civic engagement and take active stance in democratic processes by target audiences;

  • halting radicalisation and recruitment processes;

  • enhancing (digital) resilience and critical thinking of the target audience against terrorist and extremist propaganda on-and offline.

The projects shall contribute to the overall Civil Society Empowerment Programme by:

  • strengthening multi-stakeholder cooperation between civil society organisations -particularly local/grass-root ones, researchers, Internet companies, creative and communication companies and where relevant other stakeholders in the area of alternative and counter narratives preventing radicalisation and violent extremism online;

  • empowering credible voices in providing alternative and/or counter narratives online;

  • encouraging use of online reporting channels and tools.

The projects should result in the following deliverables:

  • online communication campaign(s) developing an alternative or counter narrative for a well-defined target audience that is vulnerable to radicalisation, combined, where appropriate, with off-line activities designed to maximise the impact of the campaign;

  • a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the reach and impact of the campaign, accompanied by a set of lessons learned and good practices for future similar campaigns, to be shared amongst the CSEP and RAN network.

Topic conditions and documents

Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application.

1. List of eligible countries:
All EU Member States, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Denmark. In duly justified cases, entities established in third countries (except for the United Kingdom and Denmark) can participate as partners/co-applicants. For this call, eligible third countries are those highlighted as priority countries in the European Agenda on Security: Turkey, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, countries in the Western Balkans as well as EFTA countries.

2. Admissibility requirements and eligibility criteria
: See sections 5 and 6 of the Call document.

CSEP Network registration website.

3. Indicative timetable for evaluation and contract signature
: See section 3 of the Call document.

4. Provisions, proposal templates and evaluation forms for the type(s) of action(s) under this topic:

5. Additional documents:


Members of consortium are required to conclude a consortium agreement, in principle prior to the signature of the grant agreement.

Additional documents

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