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Security Research 2010

Call Identifier:
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OJ Reference:
OJ C177 of 30 July 2009
Deadline Date:
26-11-2009 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
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    1. Additional information

    Notice to applicants

    1. Method of calculating indirect costs: The Commission has decided to extend the possibility of using the specific flat rate of 60% for indirect costs, (applicable under certain conditions to non-profit bodies, secondary and higher education establishments, research organisations and SMEs) for the entire duration of FP7. The cut-off date for this rate (1/1/2010), mentioned in annex 3 to the Guide for applicants, is therefore no longer applicable.

    2. Audits of ongoing projects: The following paragraph should be inserted at the end of chapter 5 of the Guide for Applicants ("What happens next"):

    Applicants are reminded that the Commission's Research DGs have adopted a new and reinforced audit strategy aimed at detecting and correcting errors in cost claims submitted in projects on the basis of professional auditing standards. As a result the number of audits and participants audited will increase significantly and the Commission's services will assure appropriate mutual exchange of information within its relevant internal departments in order to fully coordinate any corrective actions to be taken in a consistent way. More information can be found here:

    3. Testing and validation guidelines for Topic SEC-2010.3.1-1 (European-wide Integrated Border Control System - MarBorSur Demonstration) document is available in the additional documents section. These guidelines are to be considered only on a voluntary basis and are not binding: the text of the Work Programme will always prevail over that of these guidelines.

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    2. Latest Information

    • 31-03-2010 14:11:19

      Summary results from the evaluation is now available for this call

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    • Cooperation Work Programme 2010 - General Introduction en
    • Work Programme 2010 - Security en
    • Cooperation Work Programme 2010 - General Annexes en
    • Guide for Applicants (Collaborative projects) en
    • Guide for Applicants (Coordination and Support Action: Coordinating - CSA-CA) en
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    • Guide for Applicants (Networks of Excellence) en
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