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ICT call 11

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16-04-2013 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
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Information and Communication Technologies
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    1. Additional information

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    2. Latest Information

    • 12-02-2013 23:24:35

      Important mote for proposers to ICT Call 11, Objective 3.1 Nanoelectronics:
      Clarification concerning the text in the work program.

      The text "16 nm and below" in the first target outcome: a) Integration of advanced nano-electronics devices and technologies (16nm and below) only applies to the first bullet (New solutions to boost performance in More Moore. This includes Ge, III-V compound semiconductors, graphene, CNT or nanowires).

    • 03-10-2012 12:17:35

      Please note that the Administrative Forms (Proposal Part A) for CSA-CA, CSA-SA and CSA-CA-INFSO-FET funding schemes have been adapted in the submission system in order to ensure that the indirect costs are limited to the 7% of direct costs excluding subcontracting, regardless of the indirect cost calculation method selected.


    • 18-09-2012 12:16:13

      The submission session is now available for: ICT-2013.3.1, ICT-2013.3.2, ICT-2013.4.2, ICT-2013.6.1, ICT-2013.6.3, ICT-2013.8.2, ICT-2013.9.9, ICT-2013.1.1, ICT-2013.11.2

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    3. Information Package

    Download all documents
    (EN only, incl. the additional docs.)
    • Call Fiche en
    • Cooperation Work Programme 2013 - General Introduction en
    • Work Programme 2013 - Information and Communication Technologies en
    • Cooperation Work Programme 2013 - General Annexes en
    • FP7 Factsheets bg cs da de el en es et fi fr hu it lt lv nl pl pt ro sk sl sv
    • Guide for applicants (Collaborative projects: Large-scale integrating projects - IP) en
    • Guide for applicants (Collaborative projects - Small and Medium-scale focused Research Projects - STREP) en
    • Guide for applicants (Coordination and Support Action: Coordinating - CSACA, including ERANET+ actions) en
    • Guide for applicants (Coordination and Support Action: Supporting - CSASA) en
    • Guide for applicants (Combination of Collaborative project and Coordination and support action - CP-CSA) en
    • Guide for applicants FET Flagships only (Coordination actions - CA, ERANET) en
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    No submission system is open for this call.

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    6. Get Support

    - View or contact relevant National Contact Points for further help.

    - The ICT Proposers' Day 2012 (26-27 September) is aimed at networking in view of participating to this call. The event website offers networking facilities to exchange project ideas and partner profiles online.

    - Ideal-IST partner search facility

    - To ensure compliance with ethical issues, further information is available on the Ethics review on CORDIS and on the Europa Portal


    - Enquiry service: Ask your questions about any aspect of European research in general and the EU Research Framework Programmes in particular from the Research Enquiry Service.Research Enquiry Service

    - The European IPR Helpdesk assists beneficiaries on intellectual property issues.

    - A partner search is offered on CORDIS Partners Service

    - Enterprise Europe Network  

    - Do you know how to tackle standardization in your future project proposal? Contact CEN and CENELEC, the European Standards Organisations to receive tailor-made help at research@cencenelec.eu (CEN-CENELEC Research Helpdesk) or visit the websites of CEN and CENELEC