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ICT call 10

Call Identifier:
Publication Date:
OJ Reference:
OJ C202 of 10 July 2012
Deadline Date:
16-01-2013 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
Specific Programme(s):
Information and Communication Technologies
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    1. Additional information

    ICT web Home Page

    Please note that this call uses the new Participant Portal Submission Service for submission of all funding scheme proposals and not the EPSS.


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    2. Latest Information

    • 15-01-2013 17:43:33

      Following technical difficulties which led to problems to submit with the Electronic Submission service during the last minutes before the deadline of the call, this call is re-opened until 17h00 Brussels time on Wednesday 16 January.

    • 03-10-2012 12:17:12

      Please note that the Administrative Forms (Proposal Part A) for CSA-CA, CSA-SA, CSA-SA-INFSO-FET and CSA-CA-INFSO-FET funding schemes have been adapted in the submission system in order to ensure that the indirect costs are limited to the 7% of direct costs excluding subcontracting, regardless of the indirect cost calculation method selected.

    • 10-07-2012 00:30:00

      The submission session is now available for: ICT-2013.9.7, ICT-2013.9.8, ICT-2013.10.3, ICT-2013.11.1, ICT-2013.11.3, ICT-2013.11.4, ICT-2013.11.5, ICT-2013.1.2, ICT-2013.12.1, ICT-2013.1.3, ICT-2013.1.5, ICT-2013.1.6, ICT-2013.1.7, ICT-2013.2.1, ICT-2013.2.2, ICT-2013.3.3, ICT-2013.3.4, ICT-2013.4.1, ICT-2013.5.1, ICT-2013.5.2, ICT-2013.5.3, ICT-2013.5.4, ICT-2013.5.5, ICT-2013.6.5, ICT-2013.8.1, ICT-2013.9.6

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    3. Information Package

    Download all documents
    (EN only, incl. the additional docs.)
    • Call Fiche en
    • Cooperation Work Programme 2013 - General Introduction en
    • Guide for applicants (Collaborative projects: Large-scale integrating projects - IP) en
    • Work Programme 2013 - Information and Communication Technologies en
    • Guide for applicants (Collaborative projects - Small and Medium-scale focused Research Projects - STREP) en
    • Cooperation Work Programme 2013 - General Annexes en
    • Guide for applicants (Coordination and Support Action: Coordinating - CSACA) en
    • FP7 Factsheets bg cs da de el en es et fi fr hu it lt lv nl pl pt ro sk sl sv
    • Guide for applicants (Coordination and Support Action: Supporting - CSASA) en
    • Guide for applicants (Combination of Collaborative project and Coordination and support action - CP-CSA) en
    • Guide for applicants FET Proactive only (Collaborative projects: large scale integrating projects - IP) en
    • Guide for applicants FET Proactive only (Collaborative projects: small and medium scale focused research projects - STREP) en
    • Guide for applicants FET proactive only (Coordination actions - CA) en
    • Guide for applicants FET Proactive only (Support actions - SA) en
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    4. Additional Documents

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) en
    • Council decision concerning Cooperation Specific Programme cs da de el en es et fi fr hu it lt lv mt nl pl pt sk sl sv
    • European Parliament and the Council decision of 18 December 2006 concerning the FP7 EC (2007-2013) cs da de el en es et fi fr hu it lt lv mt nl pl pt sk sl sv
    • Regulation laying down the rules for the participation to FP7 EC (2007-2013) cs da de el en es et fi fr hu it lt lv mt nl pl pt sk sl sv
    • Rules for submission of proposals and the related evaluation, selection and award procedures (the specific arrangements for each call are described in the relevant Guide for Applicants) bg cs da de el en es et fi fr hu it lt lv mt nl pl pt ro sk sl sv
    • Handbook on the evaluation and selection of proposals en
    • Pre-proposal check form en
    • European Commission Contact Persons en
    • Evaluation forms en
    • Obtaining a Participant Identification Code and an ECAS Password en
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    5. Electronic Proposal Submission

    No submission system is open for this call.

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    6. Get Support

    - View or contact relevant National Contact Points for further help.

    - The ICT Proposers' Day 2012 (26-27 September) is aimed at networking in view of participating to this call. The event website offers networking facilities to exchange project ideas and partner profiles online.

    - Ideal-IST partner search facility

    - To ensure compliance with ethical issues, further information is available on the Ethics review on CORDIS and on the Europa Portal

    - Enquiry service: Ask your questions about any aspect of European research in general and the EU Research Framework Programmes in particular from the Research Enquiry Service.Research Enquiry Service

    - The European IPR Helpdesk assists beneficiaries on intellectual property issues.

    - A partner search is offered on CORDIS Partners Service

    - Enterprise Europe Network  

    - Do you know how to tackle standardization in your future project proposal? Contact CEN and CENELEC, the European Standards Organisations to receive tailor-made help at research@cencenelec.eu (CEN-CENELEC Research Helpdesk) or visit the websites of CEN and CENELEC