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ERC Advanced Investigators Grant

Call Identifier:
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Deadline Date:
16-02-2012 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)
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    1. Additional information

    Please note that the call 'ERC-2012-ADG' consists of three sub-calls:

    ERC-2012-ADG_20120216 for the domain Physical Sciences & Engineering (Panels: PE1 – PE10), with deadline 16 February 2012, 17:00:00 (Brussels local time),
    ERC-2012-ADG_20120314 for the domain Life Sciences (Panels: LS1 – LS9), with deadline 14 March 2012, 17:00:00 (Brussels local time),
    ERC-2012-ADG_20120411 for the domain Social Sciences & Humanities (Panels: SH1 – SH6), with deadline 11 April 2012, 17:00:00 (Brussels local time).

    Applicants must submit their proposals before the deadline applying to their respective domain.
    The budget indicated above is the total budget covering all domains.

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    2. Latest Information

    • 11-01-2012 16:46:09

      EPSS is now available for this call for proposals

    • 16-11-2011 11:00:00

      EPSS is now available for this call for proposals

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    3. Information Package

    Download all documents
    (EN only, incl. the additional docs.)
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    4. Additional Documents

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    5. Electronic Proposal Submission

    No submission system is open for this call.

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    6. Get Support


    - View or contact relevant National Contact Points for further help.

    - To ensure compliance with ethical issues, further information is available on the Ethics review on CORDIS and on the Europa Portal.

    - Enquiry service: Ask your questions about any aspect of European research in general and the EU Research Framework Programmes in particular from the Research Enquiry Service.Research Enquiry Service

    - The European IPR Helpdesk assists beneficiaries on intellectual property issues.

    - A partner search is offered on CORDIS Partners Service page. 

    - Do you know how to tackle standardization in your future project proposal? Contact CEN and CENELEC, the European Standards Organisations to receive tailor-made help at research@cencenelec.eu (CEN-CENELEC Research Helpdesk) or visit the websites of CEN and CENELEC.