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TOPIC : Support Member States under particular migratory pressure in their response to health related challenges

Topic identifier: HA-01-2015
Publication date: 28 October 2015

Types of action: HP-PJ Project
Opening date:
28 October 2015
Deadline: 19 November 2015 17:00:00

Time Zone : (Brussels time)
  3rd Health Programme 3HP website
Pillar: 3rd Health Programme
Work Programme Year: 3HP-2014-2015
Topic Updates
  • 09 November 2015 16:08

    The deadline of this call has been extended by 1 week until the 19 November 2015, 17:00 (Brussels time)

Topic Description

Priorities of the year, objectives pursued and expected results:

The EU is currently facing a very high influx of refugees and other migrants. In response to this, project grants will be provided aiming to:

- Provide support to Member States/other countries participating in the 3rd Health Programme under particular migratory pressure and to non-governmental organisation working in those Member States to help address the health related issues of arriving migrants while preventing and addressing possible communicable diseases and cross-border health threats, in particular at the designated hotspots and in the areas of reception of refugees and other migrants.

Expected results are a re-enforced response capacity of the Member States under particular migratory pressure to provide the arriving refugees and migrants with initial health assessments and preventive measures, including for children and other vulnerable groups, and thus contributing to combating cross border health threats.

Description of the activities to be funded under a call for proposals:

The activities to be carried out can include all or part of the following:

Address the increasing health threats resulting from population movements by:

- Supporting the establishment of interdisciplinary teams, and the provision of initial health assessment at arrival including a personal health status report to be given to the concerned person, to be shared with health care workers if needed, while considering the particular vulnerability of refugees and other migrants, fully respecting data protection requirements and guaranteeing adequate protection of privacy. This health status report will use a common format, and, if possible, be complemented by an electronic format;

- Supporting the provision of immediate preventive measures, including vaccination where needed with a specific focus on vulnerable groups bearing in mind objectives 1 and 2 of the Health Programme;

- Supporting the application of general hygiene measure;

- Preparing and piloting tailor-made health education and health promotion material;

- Co-operate, coordinate and communicate effectively with the health authorities at local, regional and, where needed, at national level, with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), as well as with other actors engaged in the assistance to refugees in the same geographical setting, taking into consideration the needs expressed by the local authorities and by other organisations operational in the field;

- Take stock of the available tools and measures to support the process of integration of refugees in the Member States' health systems.

All activities should be carried out based on the best evidence available, including existing materials co-funded under FP7, H2020 or the Health Programme.


Implementation by the Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (Chafea) by Publication of the call for proposals in Second semester of 2015 with an available budget of EUR 4 000 000.

Budget Available:

EUR 4 000 000

Reference in the Annual work programme:

2.1.5. Horizontal action (related to objectives 1 and 2) Support Member States under particular migratory pressure in their response to health related challenges.

Topic conditions and documents

Please read carefully all provisions below before the preparation of your application. 

  1. Available Budget under this topic: EUR 4,000,000
  2. List of countries and applicable rules for funding: Described in section 6 of the Call document.
  3. Eligibility and admissibility conditions: Described in sections 5 and 6 of the Call document.

    Attention: Please see on the eligibility of costs under this call the Guide on the eligibility of costs HP-HA-2015.
  4. Evaluation

    3.1 Evaluation criteria and procedure, scoring and threshold: Described in sections 8 and 9 of the Call document.

    3.2 For submission and evaluation process, see specific Guide for applicants for this call (HP-HA-2015).
  5. Proposal page limits and layout: Please refer to the Part B of the specific standard proposal template for this call (HP-HA-2015).
  6. Indicative timetable for evaluation and grant agreement: Described in section 3 of the Call document.
  7. Provisions, proposal templates and evaluation forms:

    Project Grant (HP-PJ):
    Standard proposal template

    Model Grant Agreement (multi-beneficiary)
    Model Grant Agreement (mono-beneficiary)

    Guide for Applicants for this specific call (HP-HA-2015)
    Guide on the eligibility of costs under this specific call (HP-HA-2015) (!!!)
  8. Additional provisions:
    Please perform a financial viability self-check, using the PP tool of the financial viability self-check.
  9. Additional documents:
    Health Programme Decision
    Annual work plan 2015 and its amendment (28 October 2015)
    EU Financial regulation

    Info Session: Call for proposals for projects "Support Member States under particular migratory pressure in their response to health related challenges" in the framework of the Work Plan for 2015 of the Health Programme
    with webstreaming



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