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Table of Contents:
FP7 periodic report

A Brief Introduction to Force

This is a brief introduction to the FORCE application. The complete FORCE user manual is available here.

FORCE is the application used by project consortia collaborating with DG RTD and the Research Executive Agency, to declare their costs. Previously a set of Excel files were used to encode the cost declarations of each project Beneficiary. These Form Cs then needed to be consolidated manually by the Project Coordinator, who submitted them to the Commission. The process of uploading Form C information caused a lot of operational problems, due to data quality and compatibility issues between the different versions of Excel.

FORCE was created to make the process of declaring consortium costs easier and less error prone with stricter checks on the values entered and the ability for a Project Officer to request corrections to Form Cs.

The various functionalities of FORCE are presented in detail in the following chapters. Logging in to the system, module administration, database administration, installation, maintenance and operation issues of the system are not covered in this guide.


Form C

A Form C describes cost declarations for a Beneficiary in a consortium. It contains information such as:

  • Information about the Beneficiary;
  • The declaration of costs;
  • The declaration of receipts;
  • The declaration of cost details (cost, explanation, work package);
  • The optional declaration of interest from the pre financing;
  • The requested EC contribution;
  • The optional audit certificate declaration.

Form C States

A Form C can have various states throughout its lifetime.  





This is the default state for a Form C, and indicates that this version of the Form C is created but not yet submitted.

Submitted to Coordinator

The Form C has passed data validation and has been submitted to the project Coordinator.

The Form C is read-only and the Coordinator has the choice between submitting it to the EC or of rejecting the Form C which moves it back to state Draft.

Submitted to EC


This state is assigned by the System when the Project Coordinator submits the Form C to the European Commission. If the Project Officer accepts the Form C, this is the final state. The Project Officer can request a revision of the Form C.

In this state, the Form C is read-only.

Request For Revision

This state is assigned when the Project Officer requests revisions to a submitted Form C. In this state, the Beneficiary can edit the information in order to create a new version.


When the Beneficiary saves modifications to a Form C for which the Project Officer requested revisions, the System archives the old version & creates a new (Draft) version.

FORCE Users and Rights

Each Beneficiary can use FORCE to create their own Form Cs. Once created the Beneficiary submits the Form C to the Coordinator and once submitted to the Coordinator the Form C will be read-only. A Beneficiary can only view their own Form Cs; other Beneficiaries' Form Cs and submissions are hidden from them.

The Project Coordinator is responsible for creating their own Form Cs and reviewing all other Beneficiaries' Form Cs. The Coordinator can reject a Beneficiary's Form C in which case it becomes editable for the Beneficiary. When the Coordinator is happy with the Form Cs he can submit them to the EC.


Once Beneficiary Form Cs have been created in FORCE and submitted to the Project Coordinator, the Project Coordinator can submit them to the Project Officer. A submission is a set of one or more Form Cs that are considered valid by the system (all mandatory fields have been filled in and various financial rules are met). Once submitted to the EC, Form Cs are only available to the Project Coordinator and Beneficiaries in read-only format.

Browser settings

The following browsers are supported by the system:

  • Internet Explorer,
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • Google
  • Chrome,
  • Safari.

In Internet Explorer, the "Compatibility View Mode" should be disabled (e.g. in IE 8: Tools | Compatibility View Settings | uncheck the options of Compatibility View).

(info) Note: The complete FORCE user manual is available here


To see a video showing the entry of costs, the uploading and submission of a Form C, the uploading of a Certificate on Financial Costs, and the notification of an F-Sign, click the image below.


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