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The Description of Work is:

  • Used to prepare the Grant Agreement signature
  • Will then be the Annex I to this Grant Agreement

It contains the details of the implementation of the project with regard to the work packages, deliverables, milestones, resources and costs of the beneficiaries - organised in a table format - as well as a detailed narrative description of the work.

It consists of two parts:

  1. Part A of Annex I contains the cover page, the project summary, the list of participants and the budget breakdown as well as 8 Workplan Tables, which provide details on the implementation of the project.
  2. Part B of Annex I is based on information from Part B of the proposal. However, during the negotiation stage several sections of the original proposal need to be updated and the Consortium may be requested to shorten certain sections of the proposal and elaborate on others. Part B of Annex I is the narrative part of Annex I. All pages must be numbered and each page should be headed with the project acronym and proposal number. 

Click here to get an exemple of DoW.

The DoW of the projects can be prepared with the help of the online tool NEF (Negotiation Facility). For the calls published after October 2009, the use of this tool for the preparation of the DoW is highly recommended:

  • The cover page and Part A are generated by NEF based on the information given already in the GPFs.
  • With the help of NEF, the necessary work tables can be edited in an intelligent way, taking into account the links between the different tables and pre-filling some of the information after you have filled in the information under the titles 'work packages' and 'project review'.
  • The Part B of the Description of Work is uploaded into NEF by the coordinator as a pdf document.

A specific description of the management of the DoW in NEF is available trough this link.

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