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The Legal Entitity Appointed Representative (LEAR) is a person working in an organisation who has the right to modify the legal and financial information stored in PDM, about this organisation.

The legal information comprises:

  • the legal name, address of the organisation
  • the type of organisation (depending upon the national law)
  • the identities of persons authorised to sign for the organisation (the LEAR is usually one of these persons or has received credentials to have the role of the LEAR from these persons)

Financial information comprises:

  • the nature of the organisation (research, higher education, private, SME, etc) which has a bearing on the maximum EU contribution rate
  • the indirect cost model (flat rate, transitional flat rate, real) - also called ICM
  • the financial data (balance sheets, profit and loss accounts) which allows the Commission to evaluate the financial viability of the organisation (if required)

The LEAR is a person known to have detailed knowledge regarding the administration of his/her own organisation, and as such is the sole person (with deputies nominated by him/herself) to interact with the Commission to provide or modify this information.

The LEAR is normally not in contact with the PO, but with a central service of the Commission (the Unique Registration Facility or URF).

The person in charge of a particular project within an organisation should normally not deal with the information under the LEAR responsibility, and they have normally no LEAR rights. If there is any doubt on the legal and financial data which is automatically set (and cannot be changed!) in the WEB tool, the first thing to do is to contact the LEAR of your organisation. The name of the LEAR of your organisation is available in the WEB tool (under the Legal Data page).

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