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titleTemplates for Part B of Description of Work

For your convenience find below samples of the Part B expected by the Commission, completed with dummy information and a typical table of contents:


Cover page

Generated by NEF

A.1 Project summary
A.2 List of beneficiaries
A.3 Overall budget break down for the project
Workplan Tables
WT1 List of work packages
WT2 List of Deliverables
WT3 Work packages descriptions
WT4 List and Schedule of Milestones
WT5 Tentative schedule of Project Reviews
WT6 Project Effort by Beneficiary and Work Package
WT7 Project Effort by Activity type per Beneficiary
WT8 Project Effort and What it costs 

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PART B (star)
Table of Content
B.1 Concept and objectives, progress beyond state-of-the-art, 
S/T methodology and work plan
B.1.1 Concept and project objective(s)
B.1.2 Progress beyond the state of the art
B.1.3 S/T methodology and associated work plan
B.1.3.1 Overall strategy and general description
B.1.3.2 Timing of work packages and their components
B.2 Implementation
B.2.1 Management structure and procedures
B.2.2 Beneficiaries
B.2.3 Consortium as a whole
B.2.4 Resources to be committed
B3. Potential impact
B.3.1 Strategic impact
B.3.2 Plan for the use and dissemination of foreground
B.4 Ethical issues (if applicable)
B.5 Consideration of gender aspects (optional)

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