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Legal Name

Legal name of the participant, as stated in the NEF Legal Forms

Short Name

Short name of the participant, as modifiable in NEF Legal Forms


Participant can be CO (coordinator), PA (partner), TP/SC10 (third parties under special clause 10 of the Grant Agreement)


The partner's PIC. This link allows you to get a summary of the partner's legal information. Its functionality is explained in the NEF Legal Forms section.

Partner Status

A partner can be active, or not active. A not active partner is a partner who was initially participating in a signed Grant Agreement, but who left the project after its signature.
See the section below about partner management.

Reorder buttons

These buttons allow you to change the order of participants. They are available depending on the transactions.


The screen above allows also to add, remove, or *terminate * partners.

Add a Participant

To add a partner, simply click on the "Add Partner" link and the screen below will appear:

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As you can see, it is impossible to add a partner without a PIC. If you do not have a PIC yet, you can get a new PIC very easily through the Participant Portal. Please consult the documentation of the Participant Portal.

Once you have provided the PIC and clicked on the Search button, the following screen appears:

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You have a set of options to select depending on the nature of the participant:

  • SC30 (special clause 30, applicable for FP7 if necessary. SC30 allows a partners to use a different cost model for his cost declaration (please refer to the Grant Agreement)
  • Add as third party will require you to provide the partners from which this participant will depend. Please note that only third parties with an SC10 (special clause 10), meaning declaring costs according to the Grant Agreement, have to be added.

Once you click the Add Participant button the participant is added to the list.

Terminate or Remove a Participant

To add or remove a partner, you have to use the pop-up menu of the participant you want to add or remove. The popup menu, depending on the transaction, will propose one, none, or both of these options:




Removing a partner will delete it completely from the participant list. This is the default behaviour in Negotiation. It is not necessary to keep track of partners who are not going to sign the Grant Agreement.


A terminated partner does not disappear from the project. If you terminate a partner, you will be requested a termination date which corresponds to the date the participant leaves the project. This is the default behaviour in Amendments.

titleTerminated participants are not displayed by default in the list

You will not see terminated partners by default in NEF. You have to request them to appear via the check-box which is displayed on top of the participant list:

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titleYou cannot terminate a participant in a Periodic Report

Please note that none of these options are available for Periodic Report transactions. If you want to terminate a partner in a Periodic Report transaction, please contact your Project Officer who will launch an Amendment Transaction.


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