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Important information regarding amendments Requesting the electronic-only submission and signature for C Forms.

Following the New Financial Regulations introduces January 1 2013:

Consortia working on projects which were on-going on January 1 2013, may, by means of an amendment, request to use the electronic signature method.
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All projects for which the Grant Agreement was signed after January 1 2013, must submit costs using an electronic signature. Paper C forms are no longer required.
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NEF Transactions - Amendments

This section describes the specifications in NEF regarding Amendments. Below is a summary of the purpose of a NEF Amendment session and its specifications.
Table of contents:

Table of Contents

Purpose of NEF in Amendments

When a Project Officer and a Coordinator agree to process an amendment, the Commission needs to exchange information with the consortium. Therefore, the Commission launches a NEF Exercise. A NEF Exercise is composed of a series of NEF Sessions, which contain all the exchanges necessary to gather information in relation to an amendment.
The Commission launches as many NEF Sessions as necessary to finalise a NEF Exercise.

The Commission starts a NEF exercise for an Amendment. The coordinator is given access to a first session in the exercise to which he is invited to respond and implement the changes necessary to process the amendment. If the information provided by the coordinator is incomplete or if the Project Officer would like the coordinator to adjust the information, the Project Officer opens a new session within the same exercise. This process goes on until the information is sufficient to proceed with the Amendment.

NEF generates a new Grant Preparation Form (GPF), and reflects the changes introduced by the coordinator. A copy of the DoW provided during the negotiation is now available for the coordinators to update accordingly.

Specifics of NEF in Amendments

NEF behaves differently depending on the transaction being processed. The following table summarises the differences.



Document generation

Enables generation of Part A of the GPF, form A.2.5 for new beneficiaries joining the project, if required. Allows generation of a new Description of Work, if necessary.

Main Screen

Fields which are not present in negotiation appear: Date of Entry and Date of Termination.
This date is displayed when a beneficiary has joined the project, or when they have left the project.

Behaviour is different in Negotiation.

Partner Management

Partners can be added, deleted or terminated. A PIC is mandatory to add a new partner. A deleted partner simply disappears from the project.
A terminated partner does not disappear from the project but a Date of Termination is requested.

*Attention: * Depending on the project's DG, the option to delete or terminate beneficiaries might not be available. It may be that the DG in question has a different approach to dealing with partner management. Commission staff will help you choose the proper option.
Behaviour is different in Negotiation_ and_ Periodic Report.

Legal data,
Organization status

Data is mostly read-only and all beneficiaries must have a PIC. This data comes from a central database of legal data, and is refreshed manually by the Commission. Therefore if discrepancies occur related to the project, contact the Commission and the proper action can be taken.

The rationale behind this behaviour is to give Commission Staff the ability to control the way changes in legal entities are reflected in the Grant Agreement.

Behaviour is different in Negotiation_ and_ Periodic Report.


Finalisation for partners is available on the main screen of NEF through a check-box beside the partner reference.

Behaviour is different in Periodic Report.

Other screens

All screens can be modified by NEF users depending on their profile and the access rights defined in the NEF Users section of this documentation.

Behaviour is different in Periodic Report.


The NEF application cannot keep open an amendment session and a cost claim session simultaneously.
If you are confronted which such a situation, contact your PO and the Commission services will find a solution for you.

Should you need an amendment, in order to avoid getting into this situation:

  1. React quickly - send the amendment request to your project officer as soon as it is required.
  2. Once the NEF amendment session has been opened, complete the necessary information as quickly as possible.
  3. In principle, all data should be ready by the time the request is submitted to the Commission.

Remember also that amendments do not always require the support of NEF.