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The coordinator is sole responsible to submit the periodic reports. The "Submit" is only accessible for the coordinator in the WEB tool.

Before submitting the periodic report, the coordinator should review the report and ensure it is complete and accurate:

The coordinator should also edit his/her own form C, upload his/her own CFS (if required) and upload the following mandatory reports:

The WEB tool will alert the coordinator of any missing form, document or error, and ask the coordinator to cancel or confirm the submission. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to make the decision whether or not to submit the periodic report. The submitted periodic report is the basis on which the Commission will calculate and execute the payment. Therefore missing information or errors may result in lower payment.

The submission of the periodic report ends the session and starts the payment clock.

After the submission by the coordinator, the PO reviews the Periodic Reports and may decide to reject the submission and ask for modifications or additional information.

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