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Periodic Reports should be submitted by the coordinator to the Commission within 60 days of the end of each period. The Periodic Reports contain:

  • a publishable summary of the progress of the work towards the objectives of the project, including achievements and attainment of any milestones and deliverables identified in Annex I. This report should include the differences between work expected to be carried out and work actually carried out.
  • an explanation of the use of resources
  • Forms Cs or financial statements from each beneficiary, together with a summary report consolidating the claimed Community contribution in an aggregated form
  • a CFS from each beneficiary when needed.

The coordinator is requested to upload the first two items of the above list in the Web Tool. Each beneficiary is expected to submit his/her own Form C and as needed to upload a Certificate of Financial Statement (CFS).  

The submission of the periodic reports as defined above is a necessary condition for the payment request to be processed. (Note the payment accepted by the Commission might be different from the payment requested by the consortium).

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