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The purpose of this page is to describe changes implemented in the latest version of the NEF system which affect participants.

NEF Version 1.26


October 31, 2011


NEF version 1.26

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New method for encoding the 'Usage of Resources'


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Version 1.25


According to the Reporting guidelines for FP7 grants, at the end of each reporting period a periodic report must be submitted. One of the report chapters is devoted to the "explanation of the use of the resources", where each beneficiary is expected to provide an explanation of personnel costs, subcontracting and any major costs incurred, such as the purchase of important equipment, travel costs, large consumable items, etc., linking them to work packages.
So far there was no available encoding tool for the "explanation of the use of the resources" and instead the users were invited to provide the information following an indicative table structure.  Since there were no controls during the encoding, very often the reported costs on the "explanation of the use of the resources" were not matching those of the cost statements resulting in rejections of the submitted periodic report.
European Commission recognised this problem and is making now available a facility for providing information for the "explanation of the use of the resources" during the encoding of the cost statement (form C) by extending the functionality of the NEF Form-C[1] application used in DG CONNECT (former DG INFSO) projects.
So as from today, while the beneficiaries are reporting costs (per activity and cost category) they can also provide an explanation on how the amount (or parts of it) was used for significant to report cost. In this way the information is always consistent, and the required report on the "explanation of the use of the resources" is generated by the system.

[1] Similar modification will take place soon in the FORCE application used for the encoding of the cost statements for the DG RTD, DG ENTR, REA and ERCEA projects.

Major Enhancements

Modifications of the Form-C for FP7 and CIP projects:

The original Form-C (in FP7), or Periods Summary (CIP) layout remains unmodified, but it is now extended by means of a pop-up whenever the beneficiary clicks in any of the cost fields (except the indirect costs). This implies that it is not possible anymore to enter amounts directly in the cells of the Form-C (except for the indirect costs).

Within the pop-up, the beneficiary is able to introduce the cost, along with a compulsory short explanation and to choose the work-packages pertinent to the cost. By clicking on the     sign, the beneficiary is able to introduce additional explanation rows and to break-up the reported cost in finer detail. The level of the provided information on the "explanation of the use of the resources" remains the same as before, according to the established practice and the agreement with the responsible Project officer.
The system automatically sums the individual costs, and as soon as the beneficiary is selecting "Done" the total amount is copied back on the respective Form-C cell. The beneficiary can recall the reported costs at any time and add more using the  sign, or remove using the  sign. Costs that are not meant to be reported in the "explanation of the use of the resources" can be introduced in pop-up with a generic title such as "other costs" again according to the established practice in the project.
The new way of encoding is also controlling the consistency with the work packages related to the specific beneficiary, so a beneficiary is permitted to associate a cost only with the work-packages that participates according the established description of work.

Existing Form-C's:

For on-going encodings in previously initialised Form-Cs, the following convention is followed:

  • If a cell that has a value, by clicking on the existing amount, it is imported into a blank detail line and the beneficiary is invited to provide the explanation.
  • For all existing Form-C's the work-package information will become available.

Report generation:

After the encoding of the explanations per cost category, the beneficiary will be able to generate the consolidated report on the "explanation of the use of the resources" by clicking on the link "Use of resources" located on the top right corner of the screen.

The generated PDF includes all the provided explanation on the report costs of a beneficiary with the exception of the indirect costs:

  • None