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NEF Transactions - Negotiations

This section describes the specifications in NEF regarding Negotiations. Below a summary can be found regarding the purpose of a NEF Negotiation session and its specifications.

Table of contents:

Purpose of NEF in Negotiation 

NEF is used for negotiations in order to prepare two structured documents necessary for the signature of the Grant Agreement:

NEF invites the user to fill in structured forms with data used to generate these two documents. The practicalities of data-entry and generation of the documents is covered in the Forms section of the following documentationProject Forms and Budget Forms and NEF Description of Work Forms.

The generation of the documents themselves (PDF documents) can be requested from the NEF main screen:


A version of these documents may be saved locally before each submission  but the latest version of the documents is available online throughout the negotiation process (see NEF Sessions topic for more details).

Specifics of NEF in Negotiations

NEF behaves differently depending on the transaction being processed. The following table summarizes the differences.



Document generation

Enables the generation of Part A of the GPF, and Description of Work.

Partner Management

Partners can be added and deleted. A deleted partner simply disappears from the negotiation. A PIC is mandatory to add a new partner.

Behaviour is different in Amendment and Periodic Report.

Legal data,
Organization status

Data is mostly read-only. This data comes from a central database of legal data, and is refreshed automatically every hour from this database if a partner has a PIC. Any discrepancy should be raised to the Helpdesk as a synchronization issue.

It is possible that a partner has no PIC at the beginning of the negotiation stage, as a result of no PIC being provided at the proposal. In which case data does not change before a PIC is defined. However such partners are invited to follow the procedure described in the LFV link available in NEF.

Behaviour is different in Amendment and Periodic Report.


Finalization for partners is available from the main screen of NEF through a check-box beside the partner reference.

Behaviour is different in Periodic Report.

Other screens

All screens can be modified by NEF users depending on their profile and the access rights defined in NEF Users section of this documentation.

Behaviour is different in Amendment and Periodic Report.

Coordinator Email Address and NEF

When R3 launches the workflow for a retained proposal, the R3 Service Desk sends the coordinator email address from the evaluation tools to NEF, via iFlow. The Gestionnaire or Project Officer can change it manually if required.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Session Management screen for the relevant project and then click the Set the parameters button.
  2. Enter a new name in the Last name field then click the Scientific/Project Officer link to change the Project Officer.

(info) Note: The contact person's fields must be correctly completed for this to work.