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NEF is a module used in the Research Participant Portal which allows FP7/CIP research projects' candidates or beneficiaries to enter data required by the European Commission/Agencies in the context of the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) and the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP).

NEF is used to manage data entry for Negotiations, Amendments, and Periodic Reports (further details see below).



During the lifecycle of a research project funded by the European Union, in the context of FP7 or CIP Programs, a set of pre-defined details are agreed upon between the participants and the Commission and this information is collected online. Some of this information is needed to prepare the Grant Agreement, other information is needed for the Commission to manage and report the project's execution.

The European Commission/Agencies requests proposal participants and project beneficiaries to provide the information through electronic tools which are accessible through the *Research Participant Portal. * The portal uses separate modules to implement respective electronic forms depending on the needs of the European Commission.

NEF is one of these modules and is relevant for the following transactions:



High Level Description


All CIP/FP7 projects

Used to generate the Grant Preparation Form (GPF) and to present the legal information of partners involved in negotiated proposals such as contact persons, budget, bank account, and Description of Work.


All FP7 projects

Used to collect the information required to implement an amendment.

Periodic Reports

FP7/CIP projects

Used to collect periodic reports such as cost declarations for a financial period.

For DG RTD and ENTR projects the reporting functions are accessible via the Participant Portal under 'Reporting and deliverables' and 'Financial reporting'. For further information click here.
The present document describes the concept of interactions in NEF, which are based on sessions, and provides an overview of the NEF forms explaining their behaviour depending on the transactions.

How to get support

For any questions related to grant agreements, special clauses, cost models, budget, or any other matter related to the semantic content of NEF, please contact the Project Officer.

For IT related issues, please contact send your request using the appropriate Service Desk as explained below:




Frequently Asked Question - FAQ

NEF Team


All IT issues in Participant Portal or NEF

eFP7 Service Desk

Support Form

All IT issues related to eCAS logins

eCAS Service Desk

System requirements

NEF's development uses open-source software and operates on-line. It is not necessary to save any data locally. System requirements are:

  • a high-speed internet connection, preferably 512 kb/s or higher.
  • a minimum screen resolution of 1024/768, or a screen resolution of 1280/1024 for best quality.
  • Interner Explorer (6.x, 7.x, 8.x), Firefox (2.x), Google Chrome (4.x or higher), Safari (4.x).
  • Any operating system on which the above mentioned browsers are available.

(warning) Firefox 3.6 is supported.