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Important information regarding amendments Requesting the electronic-only submission and signature for C Forms.

Following the New Financial Regulations introduces January 1 2013:

All projects for which the Grant Agreement was signed after January 1 2013, must submit costs using an electronic signature. Paper C forms are no longer required.
Click here for complete details.

Projects Needing an Amendment to use electronic signature

Consortia working on projects for which the Grant Agreement was signed prior to January 1 2013, may switch to electronic only submission of costs by using an amendment.

The template to request this amendment is located here, and detailed instructions for the process are located here.

All partners in the consortium must be in agreement with the amendment to the contract. If the change is to take place, it is an "all-or-nothing" situation. Either all participants in the consortium change to electronic only submission or they all stick with paper-based submission.

If all participants agree to the amendment, the amendment request must be signed by the Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) of the coordinating participant and sent to the Commission/Agency/JU, to the address mentioned in Article 8 of the general model grant agreement. The Commission/Agency/JU will process the requests quickly and sign the amendment without delay.

(info)Note: in order to participate in the electronic submission, the LEAR of each participant must identify the person or persons in their organisation authorised to electronically sign the C forms (this role is called FSign). Before sending the amendment request the coordinator should check that all participants have appointed a LEAR, and that all LEARs have appointed an FSign. This will avoid any necessary delays.
Details on the electronic submission of C forms are located here.

Process Summary:

  1. All Participants agree to use electronic only signature for submission of costs (Form C).
  2. All Participants must have a LEAR. Each participant LEAR assigns an FSgn for his/her organisation.
  3. Amendment request is signed by the Authorised Signatory of the Grant Agreement.
  4. Amendment request is sent to the Commission/Agency/JU, to the address mentioned in Article 8 of the general model grant agreement.

(info)Note: An email was sent to coordinators in January 2013, informing them about the new financial regulations. A copy of that email is available here. The email has three attachments as follows:

  • Instructions on how to request an amendment to your FP7 grant agreement in order to benefit from the abolition of paper-signed Forms C.
  • Template amendment letter to be send by the coordinator to the Commission in order to request the application of the electronic-only signature and transmission of financial statements (Form C), and electronic-only transmission of certificates on financial statements and certificates on the methodology (Forms D and E).
  • FP7 Quick Information letter on the electronic-only transmission and signature of Form C and electronic-only transmission of certificates (Forms D and E).


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