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As with all documentation related to NEF Forms, this documentation does not explain the rules implemented in NEF (computation of costs, contribution, funding rules, etc...). To get this information, please refer to the documentation related to the respective Grant Agreement of your project or proposal.

NEF Forms - Front-office

This section describes the main screen of NEF and the forms which are general to the project or proposal. This section also explains how to add or remove a partner.

Table of contents:

NEF Main Screen

Access to NEF is by the main screen described below. The screen varies depending on the transaction (negotiation, amendment, periodic report), and depending on the role of the user (coordinator, project officer). The differences are explained in the specific pages dedicated to the respective transactions.

The screen is split in the following parts:



The banner of the page contains the project reference, and the type of transaction. The link on top of the banner allows navigation through the project.


Project Information

The top part of the screen contains static information relative to the project: contact points at the Commission; funding and duration; and dates and deadlines relative to the transaction.
In this zone the Submit button and the links which allow document generation such as GPF, Description of Work and Form C can be found.


Project Forms

The links which allow access to the Project Information forms are displayed. By clicking on the links the individual forms can be accessed. Links which allow information to be filled-in relative to the GPF and Description of Work can also be found.


Participant List

The participant list displays a set of links relative to the coordinator. A full list of partners with their roles, PICs, name and completion status are displayed (see the topic relative to finalization).

Project Information

The PDF preview link displays a pop-up menu which sets out the list of documents that can be generated depending on the type of transaction. The documents available are detailed in the sections specific to transactions.

The Submit button is only available to the coordinator, and only when the NEF Session is not yet submitted (see NEF Sessions). Once the session is submitted, error warnings might appear in NEF depending on the transaction. The errors are due to problems detected by NEF such as a partner not finalizing their session or not providing required documents.

Note about the error messages provided by NEF at submission

If NEF detects an issue at submission, the system will not raise all the errors of forms. It is therefore good practice to verify individual forms before finalizing or submitting a NEF Session. We at least recommend you to go through the individual budget forms to check for remaining issues.

Participant List

Basically, the Participant list allows you to access to all Partner Forms in NEF. A click on the name of a partner displays a pop-up menu which shows all forms that can be accessed. These forms are detailed in other sections of this documentation: NEF Budget Forms, NEF Contact Forms, NEF Legal Forms, NEF Periodic Report Forms, NEF Bank Account Form. NEF Contact and Bank Account Forms are not specifically documented since they do not present any specifics; they are just regular Web-based forms.

The participant list is also the central point for you to check the completion status of the forms of individual partners (see Collaborative Work section of the documentation).

The other information or functionalities of the screen are:



Legal Name

Legal name of the participant, as stated in the NEF Legal Forms

Short Name

Short name of the participant, as modifiable in NEF Legal Forms


Participant can be CO (coordinator), PA (partner), TP/SC10 (third parties under special clause 10 of the Grant Agreement)


The partner's PIC. This link allows you to get a summary of the partner's legal information. Its functionality is explained in the NEF Legal Forms section.

Partner Status

A partner can be active, or not active. A not active partner is a partner who was initially participating in a signed Grant Agreement, but who left the project after its signature.
See the section below about partner management.

Reorder buttons

These buttons allow you to change the order of participants. They are available depending on the transactions.


Project Forms

The project sections displays these links:

Not all forms are project forms:




General Information

Project Form

Project summary, start date, etc...
This form is prefilled with information provided during the evaluation.

Reporting Period

Project Form

Definition of the reporting periods.

Budget Overview

Budget Form

A summary of the budget forecast for the project; it is a summary of all individual budget forms.

Contact Persons Overview

Web Forms

Allow you to define administrative, scientific, signatories of the grant agreement, and are the basis of the generation of the Grant Preparation Form contact person information.

Work Packages

Description of Work

Definition of the work packages, reviews, milestones; see NEF Description of Work Forms for more details.

Project Reviews

Description of Work

Definition of the work packages, reviews, milestones; see NEF Description of Work Forms for more details.


Legal Form

LFV for Legal and Financial Viability. Provides a summary of the documents which have to be sent for validation and instructions to proceed; see NEF Legal Forms for more details.

The project forms themselves are self-explanatory and can be pre-filled with information provided during the evaluation of the proposal. In negotiations, please make sure that you have saved these forms at least one time before submitting them.