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This page explains what Coordinators must do to submit a cost claim in NEF.

Table of Contents:

FP7 periodic report


Submitting a Cost Claim in NEF





Each beneficiary must declare their costs and save their cost claim. The coordinator must then submit the cost claim.

However, for the submission to be successful:

  • At least one of the beneficiaries must have entered and saved their costs, and
  • The coordinator must have uploaded a periodic report.

If either of these conditions is not met, the submission will fail.

How To Video

The video below shows how to Submit a NEF Cost Claim Session. Click on the image to start the video.

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1min 52sec

Step by Step Description

To declare costs, the beneficiary must do the following:




From the NEF project summary page, click the Submit button. The submission report screen is displayed.

  • If the submission is accepted by the system, the flag under at least one beneficiary will be green, indicating that at least one Form C has been finalized, and the Periodic Report Status flag under the coordinator will be green indicating that the periodic report has been completed. The Confirm button at the bottom of the screen will be available.
  • If the submission is rejected by the system, either the coordinator has failed to upload the periodic report (Periodic Report Status flag under the coordinator will be red), or none of the beneficiaries have entered their costs (Costs Status flag beside each beneficiary is red). The Confirm button at the bottom of the screen will be unavailable. Both of these tasks are described in the page Declaring Costs, Uploading a CFS, Uploading a Periodic Report


If the submission is accepted by the system, click the Confirm button.

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