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Table of Contents:

FP7 periodic report


Role description


The coordinator is the contact point between the consortium and the Commission. The coordinator has the following roles:

  1. Review of Financial Statement of other partners
    The coordinator must ensure that the beneficiaries submit their financial reports (Form Cs) and CFS, as required. The coordinator must review these reports and ensure they are a true reflection of the work actually performed by the beneficiary. The coordinator drafts the periodic report on the basis of project activities and related costs.  The coordinator may clarify any question, doubt or discrepancy with beneficiaries, before the submission of the periodic reports to the EC.
  2. Submission of the periodic reports  The coordinator submits the periodic reports to the PO, for review or approval.
  3. Drafting and upload of the Periodic Report
    The coordinator drafts the periodic reports and uploads the report in the Web application.
  4. Inputting beneficiary information on his/her own organisation
    The coordinator also inputs the financial statement of his/her own organisation and uploads the associated CFS (as required) in the cost claim display of his/her organisation.
  5. Collection of original signed Form Cs  and dispatch to the Commission
    As soon as the PO starts payment processing, an email is sent to the coordinator providing him with PDF copies of Form Cs for each beneficiary (exactly as they have been submitted in the Web tool). The coordinator is requested to dispatch these forms to each beneficiary, to collect the signed forms, and to dispatch them to the Commission. Payment processing will continue in parallel in the Commission services, but the last step, i.e. the payment execution, depends upon the receipt of the signed Form Cs. Therefore the coordinator is urged to complete this step as quickly as possible.


  1. Input of the Financial statements
    Each Participant (including the coordinator) inputs his or her cost in the Costs tab of the Form C. The Form C is adapted to the funding scheme, the cost model and the indirect cost model of the participant. The only thing the participant is required to do is input the cost data, as prompted by the system.
  2. Upload of CFS
    If a CFS is required, the Participants will be requested to scan and upload it. Note that the CFS must be signed by an external auditor. Originals must not be sent to the Commission. Participants are required to keep them for audit purposes.
  3. Signs the Form C
    Each Participant is requested to sign his or her Form C. In the NEF application, this 'signature' is provided by entering the name of the person authorised to validate a Form C for his or her organisation. In addition, a PDF version of the Form C as processed, must be signed by each Participant and dispatched to the Commission through the coordinator.

Project Officer

  1. The Project Officer (PO) represents the Commission for the technical and financial management of the contract.
    He or she is the communication channel between the consortium and the Commission. The PO is the first and most essential element in all decision processes relating the management of the project (and he or she is a party to the decision process).
  2. The PO assesses the technical performance of the project in relation to the costs incurred, and may be assisted by technical experts (to execute a technical audit or review of the project).
  3. The PO may be helped by an assistant.
    The name and contact details of this assistant will be communicated in the NEF application, and in the email at the start of the process.
  4. The PO may approve or reject the periodic reports submitted by the coordinator.

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