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FP7 periodic report

The web tool for the submission of Cost Claims for FP7 Grants (ie the NEF Cost Claim session) has been developed in order to facilicate and expedite the process of submission and verification of the related information. It does not substitute for the submission of finalised and signed Form Cs by each beneficiary.

Once accepted in NEF by the EC Project Officer, the Form Cs are finalised, and the signed paper version is sent to the Commission, as required by Article II.4.5 of the grant agreement for the execution of the payment.

As explained in the process description, the process starts when the coordinator receives an email inviting him or her to enter costs and upload all required documentation. The coordinator must then notify the other beneficiaries to do likewise. The coordinator must also submit the periodic report. As explained in more detail below, this submission is important as it provides information which allows the Commission to start the payment process.

Note: The submission of erroneous or incomplete information may impact both the amount, and the timing, of the payment executed by the Commission.

The Commission services will obviously verify the reports for completeness, and may ask for additional information as needed, but it is also the responsibility of the coordinator to verify the information and documents provided by the beneficiaries.

Note: The coordinating beneficiary is agreed during Negotiation, and the coordinator is specified before the start of the project. This information is configured in NEF so that the application can allow the coordinator to perform certain procedures unavailable to ordinary participants, such as uploading periodic reports. 

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