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This page explains what coordinators and beneficiaries must do to navigate the costs window in NEF.

Table of Contents:

FP7 periodic report


Navigating the Costs Window in NEF


Coordinators, Beneficiaries



Coordinators and beneficiaries must access NEF through the Participant Portal to enter their costs, upload CFS files and upload periodic reports. This page provides a brief tour of the NEF environment.

  • The beneficiary must enter costs and upload a CFS.
  • The coordinator must enter costs, upload a CFS and additionally, upload a periodic report.

How To Video

The video below shows how to enter NEF through the Participant Portal and provides a brief tour of the main functionalities required by the coordinator and the beneficiary. Click on the image to start the video.

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3min 28sec

Step by Step Description

To navigate the Costs page in NEF, the beneficiary must do the following:




Log in to the Participant Portal with your user name and password.


Click the My projects tab.
All projects to which you have access will appear.


Click on a project. The NEF application will open.


Click on the relevant company from the list of benficiaries that appears.


Click the Form C link under the relevant payment period Then click the Form C link under the relevant period. The Costs screen appears. This is where you enter your costs.


Click the Other tab. Here you can perform various tasks including uploading a CFS or declaring interest earned on the prefinancing payment.


To upload a CFS, in Section 5, Certificate on the financial statements, click Yes to indicate that you are attaching a CFS. Enter the name of the author and the cost of the CFS in the appropriate fields.


Click the Select a CFS link. A Browse window appears.


Browse to the CFS file, then click Upload.


Click the Signature tab to open it. This is where you must electronically sign your cost claim by entering your name in this field.


When your cost claim is complete, click the Save Changes button to save changes then the Finalize button.


The Return to Summary button takes you back to the Form C summary page. Here, you can add the files required for the Periodic Report, one by one, by clicking the Browse button and selecting the file. A Comment in mandatory.

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