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Reports & payment requests

Under Article 20 of the grant agreement (GA), the coordinator must submit to the Commission technical and financial reports, including requests for payment - specifically:

  • a periodic report (both technical and financial) within 60 days of the end of each reporting period (including the final one)
  • a final report at the end of the project ('action')

The periodic report for the final reporting period covers only the final period, while the final report must give an overview of the project's results over its entire duration.

Periodic report


The periodic consists of the periodic technical and financial reports:

  1. Technical report (in 2 parts)
    • Part A structured tables from the grant management system:
      • cover page
      • publishable summary
      • web-based tables covering issues related to the project implementation (e.g. work packages, deliverables, milestones, etc.)
      • answers to the questionnaire about the economic and social impact, especially as measured against the Horizon 2020 key performance indicators and monitoring requirements.
    • Part B the free text, core part of the report that you must upload to the grant management tool as a single PDF document with:
      • explanations of the work carried out by all beneficiaries and linked third parties during the reporting period
      • an overview of the progress towards the project objectives, justifying the differences between work expected under Annex I and work actually performed, if any.
  2. Financial report
    Consists of structured forms from the grant management system, including:
    • individual financial statements (Annex 4 to the GA) for each beneficiary (and third parties)
    • explanation of the use of resources and the information on subcontracting and in-kind contributions provided by third parties, from each beneficiary for the reporting period concerned
    • periodic summary financial statement including the request for interim payment.

Processes for submitting a Periodic report

Continuous reporting > Preparing your periodic report > Approving partners' reports > Submitting the report to the Commission > Acceptance or rejection by the Commission > Interim payment

Continuous reporting

As a beneficiary, you can and should use the continuous reporting functionality as soon as the project starts to submit information that will go into the periodic reports. This includes:

  • deliverables
  • progress in achieving milestones
  • updates to the publishable summary
  • response to critical risks, publications, communications activities, IPRs
  • your answers to the questionnaire about the economic and social impact of the project.

All this information is then automatically compiled to create part A of every technical report, at the moment the coordinator and beneficiaries finish the preparation of the periodic report in the grant management system.

process for continuous and periodic reporting
  • The technical report (both parts) is first 'locked for review' by the coordinator before being officially submitted. Make sure your information in the continuous reporting module is up-to-date before it is locked. Any entries you make after this point will not be included in this report.
Preparing your periodic report

Once the periodic reporting function is activated at the end of each reporting period, you can start preparing your next report in the grant management system:

Participant Portal -> My Projects -> MP (Manage Projects) action button

This displays your financial statement and the structured information needed for the technical report:

screen shot for the periodic reporting tool

  1. Completing your Financial Statement
    All beneficiaries - including the coordinator - must fill in their own financial statement, electronically sign it and submit it to the coordinator.
    Users who can fill in the statement: Participant Contacts, Project Financial Signatories, Task Managers.
    Users who can electronically sign & submit the statement: Project Financial Signatory (PFSIGN) only
    Make sure you have assigned an FSIGN user to your project in your organisation. (How to assign PFSIGN?)

  2. Completing the technical part
    Part A - each beneficiary should update the tables on an ongoing basis in the continuous reporting module. The information in the tables is then automatically complied to create part A.
    Part B - you must prepare this outside the grant management tool, using this template.
    When done, save it as a single pdf file and upload it to the grant management system (the Technical report contribution section - the Report Core tab).
    Part B can be uploaded by any beneficiary (not only the coordinator). If any changes to part B are needed, you must delete the current pdf file and upload a new one.
    When both parts are ready to submit, the Technical part can be finalised by the Coordinator's Contact Person clicking Accept & Include.
Approving partners' reports

Coordinator - you must review and explicitly approve the periodic report. If needed, you can send back a financial statement to a partner for further changes, or unlock the technical part of the report for further changes.

Coordinator Contact Person - before submitting, you must include the partners' financial statements.

Missing statements

Sometimes you may decide to submit the report without financial statements from certain partners (e.g. if a beneficiary cannot submit its individual financial statement on time).

If this happens, the coordinator will be asked to confirm that they are aware of this and that therefore these costs will not be considered for the current interim payment. That beneficiary's costs will be considered 'zero' for this reporting period, though they can declare their costs in the next financial report (for the next reporting period).

Submitting the report to the Commission

Coordinator - submit all parts of the report together, in a single transaction:

  • all the individual financial statements
  • part B of the technical part

by clicking on 'Submit to EU' button.

The system will do the rest. (It will automatically generate the report with explanations of the use of resources and the periodic summary financial statements, which includes the request for payment.)

Acceptance or rejection by the Commission

The Commission will either:

  • accept the report and start preparing the interim payment or
  • ask for changes to it - which means that the process described above starts again.
Interim payment

When the Commission approves the eligible costs declared for the period in question, it will pay the interim amount due to the Coordinator within 90 days of receiving the report (Article 20.3 of GA, except if Articles 47 or 48 apply).

The total amount of pre-financing and interim payments must not exceed 90% of the maximum grant amount set out in Article 5.1 of GA.

Final report

For the final reporting period, the Coordinator must submit 2 reports, within 60 days of the end of the period:

  • final periodic report
  • final report (overview of the project results over its entire duration)

The final report consists of 2 parts - both of which must be completed in the grant management system (no need to upload any documents):

  1. Final technical report:
    publishable summary of the entire project (giving an overview of the results, their exploitation and dissemination, and the conclusions about the project and its socio-economic impact)

  2. Final financial report:
    final summary financial statement that is automatically created by the system and corresponds to the request for payment of the balance.
    In some cases (and for beneficiaries/linked third parties requesting a total contribution of EUR 325,000 or more) it must be accompanied by a certificate on the financial statements (one certificate per beneficiary/linked third party).
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