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Submit a proposal

Proposal submission

Proposals must be submitted electronically using the electronic submission system of the Funding & Tenders Portal. Access to the electronic submission system is available after selecting a topic and a type of action of a call.

Proposals must be created and submitted by a representative/contact person of the coordinating organisation. Certain types of action differ from this standard: in fellowships and in proposals for the European Research Council's types of actions, the individual researcher (Fellow/Principal Investigator) takes the lead on the proposal.

The electronic submission system is an online wizard that guides you step-by-step through the preparation of your proposal. The proposal itself consists of 2 main parts: administrative forms (structured information of the basic administrative data, declarations of partners, organisations and contact persons, etc.) and the technical annex, which is the detailed description of the planned research and innovation project outlining work packages, costs, etc.
Further mandatory or optional annexes (e.g. supporting documents for ethics issues) can be required by the call and the given topic, as shown in the submission system.

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