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Registration of organisation

Before applying for research funding (by submitting a project proposal), all organisations (partners) involved in the project must first be registered with the Commission.

When an organisation does not have legal personality, his/her representatives must prove they have the capacity to undertake legal obligations on behalf of the organisation and that the organisation has financial and operational capacity equivalent to that of legal persons.

You can check if your organisation is already registered on the Beneficiary Register page.

Not yet registered?

  • If you already have a user account for the Participant Portal, you can log in straight away and start entering information to register your organisation on the Beneficiary Register page.
  • If you're new to the Participant Portal, you will first need to create a user account (EU Login account), before you start the registration process.

What you need for registration

To register your organisation, you will need to provide information about its legal status and its finances. It's useful to have this information to hand as you complete the registration process. The IT How To of the Beneficiary register will tell you exactly what information you need to provide.

SME self-assessment

The Beneficiary Register includes a questionnaire that allows determining whether an organisation is an SME (according to the EU Recommendation 2003/361/EC) and thus whether it is eligible to apply for the funding of certain H2020 actions. You will need to enter the financial figures of the last approved accounting period of your organisation and any other organisation that might be directly or indirectly related to it.

Please note that if your enterprise has not been validated as SME during the last 2 years, the submission system will not allow you to proceed with your application to SME instrument before you have filled in the SME questionnaire in the Beneficiary Register and the result shows that your enterprise is an SME.
If the SME-status is not an eligibility criterion, you may simply declare such a status in the Beneficiary Register without having to go through the SME-questionnaire.

Completing registration

You don't need to complete the registration process in a single session. You can enter some information, save it and continue later on the My Organisations page of the My Area section. However, incomplete draft registrations are automatically deleted after one year.

PIC number

On completing registration, you will receive a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC) - to be quoted in your proposal and in any correspondence with the Commission.

Duplicate PICs
If someone creates a new PIC for your organisation while you already have one, your LEAR or Account Administrator should contact the Validation Services via the messaging tool in the Beneficiary Register (My Organisations page on the Participant Portal) so that they transfer any information related to this duplicate PIC to the correct PIC.

Updating information

Initially, the person who registered the organisation, called 'self-registrant', can submit updates and corrections (with corresponding supporting documents) on the My Organisations page of the My Area section.

Later, this will be the task of the appointed representative LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative) when she or he is appointed.