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Research cooperation beyond the EU/Europe – "Open to the world"

Horizon 2020 associated countries

Researchers in non-EU Horizon 2020 associated countries have the same rights to receive funding and take part in funded projects as researchers based in the EU.

Other countries (non-EU and not Horizon 2020-associated)

Researchers throughout the world can take part in Horizon 2020 projects - though they are not always eligible for funding themselves. Check the Guide to participation by non-EU countries for a full list of countries and detailed rules.

(Countries that are outside the EU and not associated to Horizon 2020 are sometimes referred to as "third countries".)

Research areas suitable for non-EU partners

Most Horizon 2020 research areas and calls are open to non-EU researchers, but some have been identified as particularly suitable for non-EU partners (in many cases particular countries or regions are targeted).

Reference documents