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Gender equality

Funding for research with a gender aspect

In 2014-15, Horizon 2020 funding will be available under research call GERI-2014/15, for projects which:

  • encourage girls to study science and female students to pursue research careers
  • analyse the impact of gender diversity in research teams on research and innovation outcomes
  • develop a common framework to evaluate national initiatives to promote gender equality in research policy and research organisations
  • support research organisations in implementing gender equality plans.

More specifically, under this call, Horizon 2020 will:

  • through two research topics (in H2020, a topic is a subsection of a call), fund projects aimed:
    • analysing the impact of gender diversity on Research & Innovation, scheduled (2014)
    • evaluating initiatives to promote gender equality in research policy and research organisations (2015)
  • through the "Science it's a girl thing" campaign in 2014, promote cooperation among schools, museums, science centres and others to encourage more girls to study science
  • provide continuous funding for institutional change in universities and research institutions in 2014 and 2015

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Project requirements

When applying for funding under a 'topic with a gender dimension', you should:

  • ensure that gender issues are integrated at various stages of your proposed project
  • include specific studies where relevant.

You may also include a gender element in a project proposal under any H2020 research topic, if you think it is relevant.


The gender aspects of proposed research projects will be evaluated as follows:

  • For flagged topics (topic with a gender dimension), evaluators will look at how sex and/or gender analysis is taken into account in the project's content
  • If gender issues are dealt with in projects under other H2020 topics with no specific gender aspect, evaluators will examine them in the same way as any other relevant parts of the proposals.
  • Gender-balanced staffing comes into play as a ranking factor to prioritise ex aequo proposals: there should be a gender balance among staff named in the proposal who will be primarily responsible for carrying out the research and/or innovation activities.

More on evaluation of gender aspects.

Grant agreement and negotiations

When signing a grant agreement, you must take all measures to promote equal opportunities between men and women in the implementation of the project and aim for the best possible gender balance at all levels of staff assigned to the project, including at supervisory and managerial level.

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