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International Research and Europe

EU co-operation with the NIS in science and technology


Table of contents

    EU research initiatives with the NIS
EU–NIS strategic co-operation
    Technical assistance: a key to transformation
PCAs for joint commitment
Added value of co-operative research
EU Assistance and Co-operation with NIS countries in Science and Technology (diagramme)
Diversity and synergy in S&T co-operation
    R&D priorities and initiatives in the EU
FP5: Problem solving and key actions
    How it is structured
Other FP5 specific programmes
Opening up EU research to the world: INCO 2
Calling all researchers: how to participate in FP5 and INCO 2
An overview of cost reimbursement mechanisms in the context of FP5 and INCO 2
INTAS: Speed and flexibility for NIS scientists
    Taking part in INTAS
ISTC/STCU: Peaceful research for weapons scientists
    Participating in projects
TACIS: Grant finance for know-how transfer
    TACIS and S&T
COST and EUREKA: Co-ordinating institutions and companies
CONTACTS: Secretariat addresses for European programmes open to NIS
Selected list of official documents and relevant publications
Brochure edited in September 2000 - EUR 19335

Brochure contact person:

Mr Michel Chapuis
Research DG - European Commission, 200 rue de la Loi
(SDME 1/5) B-1049 Brussels
Tel: +32 2 295 4106 - Fax: +32 2 296 3308



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The specific information given on each NIS is drawn from
the TACIS brochure "Cooperation that counts" (EU TACIS programme 1999)

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