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Bridge the gap now - Interview with Minister Gago 13-03-00 

A high-energy physicist who has held senior posts for many years at CERN, the Joint Research Centre and in Portugal - where he has been Science and Technology Minister since 1995 - José Mariano Gago is also a long-standing campaigner for scientific culture. As president of the European Union's Research Council, he speaks here of the European dimension to raising public awareness of science, a goal clearly set out in the objectives of the EU's "Improving Human Potential" programme.

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Experts in the dock 13-03-00 

The public has two perceptions of science. On the one hand are the true scientists - engaged in research - and on the other the scientific experts, summoned to sit on bodies which take policy decisions in the fields of health, diet, the environment or industrial priorities. And while they are all too often viewed in a negative light, disagreements between experts are also an excellent means of communicating the implications of science.

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Forward studies - Strata, the strategy laboratory 13-03-00 

How is it possible to govern a society - in the sense of steering a moving vessel - increasingly shaped by developments in science and technology? This question of strategy - in terms of investment in growth sectors, the orientation of education systems, the development of new infrastructures - is one which political decision-makers are putting to the world of socio-economic research with increasing insistence

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Progress and doubts 13-03-00 

Despite developing at ever greater speed and playing an increasingly important role in our daily lives, is science destined to elude public understanding? What democratic control can be exercised by the societies it is transforming? And how do scientists view the gulf that divides them from their contemporaries?

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Science and society - A European debate 13-03-00 

Democratic control over the links between science and power, and the understanding and acceptance of the resulting options by citizens, thus extend far beyond the national sphere. The dissemination of knowledge, and the promotion of science and its understanding by the public in general are fields in which the European Union must play an active part.

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Showcases for science and technology 13-03-00 

In their different ways, traditional science museums - with permanent collections, displayed in a historical context, and thematic exhibitions - and educational, interactive "science centres" are encouraging a more and more diverse range of people to explore the various fields of scientific knowledge - and their applications.

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The third circle 13-03-00 

Many scientists believe that journalists fail to do justice to their work. Many journalists believe that scientists are poor communicators. But at the end of the day, it is the public - the "third circle" reached by the media - who suffer from this communication breakdown. Which is why a number of avenues are now being explored in an attempt to renew links between researchers and journalists.

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Breathing new life into run-down neighbourhoods 24-01-00 

Glasgow, Malmö, Leiden, Duisburg, Nancy, Naples - six towns where local associations are battling to revitalise less-favoured areas, with employment as an essential but certainly not unique ingredient. These local development initiatives are analysed in the ELSES project, a new kind of assessment, involving researchers and field workers right from the start.

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Accurate testing of bathing water 15-12-99 

Standardised microbiological testing techniques in support of European directives on bathing water quality.

Project Profile
Doping in sport - European research is committed to the cause 11-10-99 

What new techniques can be developed in order to combat the alarming increase in drug abuse in sports? The IOC's Medical Commission and managers of European research programmes have decided to join forces in developing at least one dependable weapon in the fight against doping: effective and reliable testing.

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S & T Indicators - Diversity, convergence, cohesion 10-02-99 

Can regions which lag behind in the S&T race catch up? If so, can S&T investment be translated into economic growth and job creation?

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Science and the News 01-11-98 

How do Europe's principal TV news programmes present science? A comparative study, co-ordinated by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (F), looks at the different coverage in eight European countries - coverage which usually leaves much to be desired.

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Where do low wages lead? 01-11-98 

What is the contribution to the European economy of "odd jobs", of all those occasional, part-time and underpaid jobs? Are jobs like this better than no job at all? And to what extent do they lead to poverty and exclusion? Researchers from the LoWER network have been analysing the complex facets of low-wage labour, a phenomenon which has become commonplace. The aim is to provide Europe with new weapons in the fight against social division.

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European S&T - the state of play 23-07-98 

Europe is currently a major scientific power but, to retain its world position, it must promote long-term economic growth by stepping up investment in research, development, education and training. The vicious circle of less investment - less growth could become a big problem as we move into the 21st century.

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Standards and Measurements - The secrets of alloys 23-07-98 

Archaeologists too are interested in reference materials. By analysing thousands of objects from the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman times we can determine the composition of the alloys used by these civilisations. The samples developed on the basis of this information can then make it possible to increase our knowledge of these ancient objects and improve the methods used to conserve them.

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Drug abuse: the need for scientific cooperation 01-01-98 

A conference workshop in Zürich (December) formally concluded a five-year COST interdisciplinary research initiative on drug abuse co-funded by the European Commission. What were the issues? What was achieved? And what lies ahead?

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Research, employment, youth: a new alliance 01-01-98 

To vanquish unemployment which is eating away at a changing society. To create European jobs in a global market. To reject determinism. Such is the top political priority for the EU, which has just held a major employment summit. But how can scientific research and technological development help?

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