The purpose of the negotiation is to finalise the details of the work to be carried out under the Grant Agreement within the associated budget, as well as to establish the legal and financial information needed to establish the Grant Agreement. This page provides guidance for the applicants on the use of an online tool for filling in and submitting the Grant Agreement Preparation Forms during the negotiation.

The purpose
of the GPFs

The Grant Agreement Preparation Forms (GPFs) help to identify the beneficiaries who will sign the Grant Agreement and to determine the eligible costs and EC contribution.

Some parts of the GPFs are used to prepare the Project Fact Sheet and Annex I of the Grant Agreement. The Commission may also use the GPFs during the lifetime of the project: for example, when receiving financial statements. Although the GPFs are not part of the Grant Agreement, it is important that the information is accurate and complete.

How to
fill them in

The GPFs are available in electronic format through an online tool, called NEF, and should be completed by the coordinators on behalf of all applicants (including those not requesting any funding).

The use of the online tool is mandatory. It allows the coordinators to establish a complete set of GPFs for each individual applicant and for the project as a whole. The advantages of this tool include fast, accurate calculation and verification of the information.

When to
submit them

The first draft of the GPFs must be completed and sent electronically to the Commission Project Officer before the first negotiation round or meeting.

The final agreed version of the GPFs should be submitted to the Project Officer as soon as agreement is achieved, in one unbound copy on white paper with original signatures, and in electronic format using the online tool. Any required supporting documentation should be provided in one copy, if not requested differently by the Project Officer.

Where is the online tool and how is it used?

The tool (NEF) is accessible by invitation only. This invitation will be sent individually to the coordinators at the most appropriate time.


Need Help?

Coordinators and participants looking for technical help with NEF can ask the FP7 Help Desk by sending an e-mail to


User's Guide for Coordinators